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Cafeteria and buffet chains are located in cities all over the country. Their menus offer a variety of home-type cooked meals including ...

Cafeteria and buffet chains are located in cities all over the country. Their menus offer a variety of home-type cooked meals including steaks, chops and hamburgers. People like them because they can get a home cooked meal for a reasonable price without having to cook it themselves.

Cash in on national buffet chains by opening your own in your city. Large conglomerates own these chains and franchise them out, so get the scoop on start up costs and other regulations. Decide if you will run it yourself or hire a management team. Look for the following when deciding on franchise terms for cafeteria and buffet chains:

1. Pick cafeteria chains that have franchises available in your area.

2. Decide how much you want to spend on buffet chains.

3. Choose cafeteria franchises based on name recognition.

Check availability and pricing for a local buffet restaurant chain

Not every franchise has openings in your area. Once you have decided on a chain, contact them to find out if you can open a store in your area. If they have no need in your local area, they will send you a list of close areas that need a local restaurant. You can also decide on a restaurant chain based on total price or down payment needed. You can check your state to see which restaurant chains have openings.

Ask the cafeteria franchise chains about initial investment

Initial investments for restaurant chains is usually high however, some cost less than others cost. Before you decide, find out exactly what monetary commitments you will need to make upfront. Remember also, that the initial investment for the franchise fee only covers the franchise itself and you will still need working capital for such expenses as electricity, phone and payroll.
Cici's Pizza offers pizza buffet restaurant chain franchises. The fee is $30,000 with a four percent royalty fee. Net worth needs to range from $81,760 to $130,640. Stockade Companies offers steak buffet franchises. The franchise fee is $15,000 with a three percent royalty fee. Required capital is $250,000 to $350,000.

Open buffet style restaurant chains for immediate business

When you open a chain store, you are cashing in on the name of the franchise. People know that whether your store is in Maine or California, they will get the same menu and service and they stop at a familiar place. This is why you buy a franchise but the down side is there are tight regulations on franchises. You will get your operating schedule, menu and décor from the company. If you fail to meet your obligations, which usually include buying all of your supplies from them, you will lose your franchise.
Franchise Works provides a list of restaurant chains with franchise opportunities. Check the requirements list before you invest in your chosen business. Food Franchise provides franchises available in every state. You can also check franchise availability based on total price. Check out other requirements such as how much training you need and the hours of operation you must keep before you buy your franchise.
  • Obtaining financing to start your buffet chain restaurants can be a difficult process since many financial institutions consider restaurant franchises high risk. Improve your loan chances by putting down as much upfront cash as possible. When the bank sees you taking part of the risk, they will give your loan application closer scrutiny.

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