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Call Center Equipment and Supplies Key Terms

Terri Deno

Learn about the equipment needed for a successful call center

Call centers are the main way some businesses communicate with their customers. The function of a call center can vary.

Some are used for telemarketing to find new customers. Other call centers provide tech support or handle customer complaints. But no matter what a call center's purpose is, all call centers need to be fitted with some basic equipment. This equipment can include headsets, dialers and call monitoring equipment to maintain quality control between the operator and the customer.

Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer is a type of computer program that dials a batch of telephone numbers automatically. This technology is commonly used in call centers for assigning multiple customers to agents.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a system where telephone calls can be made through an Internet connection instead of using a traditional phone line. Call centers also utilize this technology for easier call monitoring and recording.

Data handler

A data handler is system that organizes and stores data. Data is stored in different classes and can be accessed at any time through a server access interface.


A headset is a microphone and listening device for call center employees. A headset is used instead of a traditional phone receiver for comfort and convenience.

Call recording software

Call recording software is a type of software used in call centers to monitor the quality and success of calls. The recording software allows for later listening to evaluate a specific call. Call recording software is commonly used with VoIP systems.

Call monitoring

Call monitoring is the process of a supervisor or manager listening to a call to evaluate the success of operator. Call monitoring can be done through using call recording software or a hardware system that allows monitoring in real time.

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Terri Deno