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Carbon footprint calculators can determine a businesses impact on the environment. Taking into account such things as automobile use, ...

Carbon footprint calculators can determine a businesses impact on the environment. Taking into account such things as automobile use, consumer purchases and food consumption, a carbon footprint calculator estimates the percentage of Earth's resources needed to sustain consumption patterns, as well as the amount of greenhouse gasses such pattern produce.

Carbon is a byproduct of manufacturing, transportation and other forms of production. It is either recycled, disposed of, or discharged into the atmosphere as pollution. The purpose of using carbon footprint calculators information is to identify harmful spending habits and production processes.

There are many websites that contain a carbon footprint calculators list. The following will help you find carbon footprint calculators.

1. Visit a carbon footprint calculators provider to calculate the impact of your spending and habits.

2. Use carbon footprint calculators information to change your business expenditures.

3. Integrate carbon footprint calculators into a green business plan.

Use a carbon footprints calculators provider to calculate shipping fleet emissions

Industry must become more environmentally friendly to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Use a carbon footprint calculator to find out what kind of impact your shipping fleet has on the environment. Whether the fleet is a few vans to a hundreds of trucks, business owners can reduce their carbon footprints by going green.
Environmental Protection Agency offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to put a green fleet of vehicles on the road.

Select your region from a carbon footprint calculators list

Different countries have different carbon footprint calculators. The impact on the global climate is different for developed countries than it is for developing countries. The developing world operates under a different set of rules, according to international greenhouse gas emission treaties. This is also true for American states, as different states have different emission reduction laws, green industry initiatives and energy usage taxes.

Find a business-specific carbon footprint calculator

Business can lead global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The carbon footprint calculators list continues to grow, with calculators designed specifically for business. These calculators tend to be more detailed, since there are more variables to consider. In addition to the carbon footprint you leave at the office, a business calculator will also take transportation and industrial emissions into account. offers a detailed worksheet for calculating your business's environmental impact.
  • Once you use carbon footprint calculator to find out exactly what kind of impact your business has, consider giving to a carbon offset program. Even though you might be limited as to how much your business can reduce greenhouse gas, these organizations use your money to fund strategies that reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

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