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Operating your own business catering in Colorado is the perfect career choice for someone who enjoys entertaining and being creative ...

Operating your own business catering in Colorado is the perfect career choice for someone who enjoys entertaining and being creative with food. The ideal caterer is someone who pays attention to both large and small details, has good communication skills and is not afraid of hard work. You should be flexible and reliable as well as highly organized.

With its mix of rural and urban communities and thriving resort towns, there are plenty of opportunities for small and large catering jobs in Colorado. Caterers in Colorado work all types of events, including private affairs, such as weddings and anniversary parties to corporate events, like annual meetings and business luncheons.

To help you get your catering business in Colorado started, you'll need to:

1. Secure financing to help establish and expand your catering business.

2. Buy the right equipment for your catering business in Colorado.

3. Develop a niche among other Colorado caterers.

Secure funding for your catering in Colorado services company

To expand your Colorado catering business beyond your home kitchen, you will most likely need some type of financing. In order to get bigger and better paying clients, you need commercial equipment, supplies and reliable transportation. You also need a well-trained staff, all of which takes money. The fastest route to expanding your catering business and buying the equipment you need is through a low-interest, small business loan.
Small Business Administration (SBA) can help connect you with a lender. Colorado SBDC and SBA staff can also help answer questions about insurance, licensing and permits.

Outfit your Colorado catering services company with the proper equipment

The advantage of being a Colorado caterer is that your start-up investment is very low. Many new caterers who work out of their home kitchen only need some disposable serving containers and utensils. But as your list of clients grows, you will need to purchase both large and small catering supplies. Eventually you may need to purchase commercial ovens and coolers to keep up with the demands of your catering business. You can stretch your equipment budget by purchasing gently used appliances and small wares.

Establish yourself among other Colorado caterers

Catering Colorado style includes everything from Mexican catering in Colorado to Colorado beverage catering. Therefore, it is essential that you know exactly what type of food and services your competition offers and at what prices. You need to offer something different that will set you apart from everyone else. And while your menu should be unique, it should also be competitively priced.

  • Networking with other event planning professionals can really help new caterers. Denver, Colorado and other areas in the state have small circles of event planners who often work the same jobs. When you are catering, network with other event service providers, such as DJs, bartender and photographers. Introduce yourself and swap business cards with other professionals. It is a good way to help get the word out about your new catering business.

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