Cell Phone Batteries

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When employees' cell phones are dropping calls and shutting down, you may be losing customers. The batteries that come with cell ...

When employees' cell phones are dropping calls and shutting down, you may be losing customers. The batteries that come with cell phones probably are not the best anyway, so buy better batteries as replacements to enhance talk and standby time. Choose from original equipment or aftermarket products. Original equipment gets you a better warranty, but aftermarket replacement cell phone batteries usually cost less and are often just as effective.

There are four popular types of rechargeable cellular telephone batteries:

1. Lithium Polymer (LiPoly), is the newest and most extended cell phone battery. LiPolys last twice as long as any other cell phone battery, according to current information.

2. Lithium Ion, also known as LiI, or Li-Ion, cellular phone batteries pack a lot of power into a small package that has a long life.

3. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), is a good choice as a cell phone battery because it is environmentally friendly and recharges well for a long time.

4. Nickel Cadmium (NiCD), batteries have fallen out of favor due to environmental considerations caused by toxic metals and their propensity to take less and less charge over time due to the “memory” effect.

Find a cell phone battery supplier that provides a great warranty.

Cellular batteries should give good service for more than a year, even with frequent recharging.

Get the batteries and accessories you want for your cell phone.

In addition to batteries and a charger, you'll need hands-free units for your cell phones along with holsters and other accessories. Promote your company's image and protect cell phones through the use of custom faceplates.

Look for low-cost or free shipping.

Postage and handling charges should not total more than the cost of the battery. Order cell phone batteries for everyone at your company at the same time to save shipping costs.

Recycle your old cell phone batteries.

Although it's ok to just toss the new LiPoly and Li-Ion batteries, a much better alternative is to recycle them. Find free resources for doing so.

  • You may have to buy new battery covers along with the new extended cell phone batteries in order to accommodate a thicker size. Since most of the new cell phone replacement batteries are thinner, this is usually not an issue.

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