Centrifugal Compressors Pricing and Costs

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Centrifugal compressors pricing and costs include not just the initial price of the equipment but also the entire life cycle costs. The ...

Centrifugal compressors pricing and costs include not just the initial price of the equipment but also the entire life cycle costs. The maintenance cost is strongly influenced by the amount of disassembly the unit requires. Traditional models may need to be disassembled even for routine maintenance, whereas the newer frictionless models may only require the periodic replacement of filters. Design efficiency is also an important consideration as this will affect the reliability and operating costs of the air compressor.

A comparison of air compressors should reflect any differences in performance categories, such as the power of the compressors or their air flow. The following three sources have pricing information on centrifugal air compressors and centrifugal compressor parts:

1. Buying guides for an axial centrifugal compressor. These sources typically discuss pricing in general terms by performance category rather that specific models.

2. Retailers for a centrifugal gas compressor. These sources usually provide pricing information on specific models.

3. Dealers of used centrifugal air compressors. Retailers may carry used equipment and there are also companies that specialize in used equipment.

Examine a buying guide for a centrifugal industrial compressor

Buying guides offer price ranges and performance comparisons for different types of compressors. They may also have information on the other costs of owning an air compressor.

Examine prices on a specific centrifugal flow compressor model

Retailers typically provide detailed information on the pricing and other costs of their air compressors. Trade magazines may also offer reviews of specific models of centrifugal compressors.

Research centrifugal compressor companies that deal in used equipment

A commercial centrifugal air represents a substantial investment for many businesses. Many companies do not need a compressor full time and choose rent or purchase new equipment instead.
  • A multistage centrifugal compressor has one stage of operation for each level of pressure, such that machines with more stages generally provide higher levels of compression. A three-stage centrifugal compressor is generally more efficient than a model that uses a rotary screw and typically produces pressure in the range of 100 to 150 pounds per square inch (psi). Compressors with five to eight stages may reach pressures of up to 1200 psi.

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