Changing Careers: How to Take Steps Towards a New Future

By ugh / Careers / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

It's not uncommon for people to go through multiple career changes in their lives. Here's how to set yourself up for success.

Somewhere between school work and jam-packed deadlines we all grew up. It’s all fun and games until you step out into the real world, dealing with all the stuff that grown ups need to handle.

Adjusting to the work environment is no easy feat. It requires a lot of patience and a calm professional head. But it can be an absolute nightmare if you’re stuck in the wrong profession. Don’t fret over your career choice—you can always opt for a different path.

All you need is the willpower to succeed and a zeal for learning. Below are some useful tips for both graduates and professionals on how to go about changing careers. 

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The Need for Career Change

Oftentimes you might feel the need to start afresh, try out other areas. If you feel trapped in your job, and cannot utilize your full potential in your workspace maybe you need to rethink your options. Most of the professionals are not satisfied with their jobs, even though you are in a decent post with a good pay scale, you harbor a desire to get something even better.

Figure Out Your Priorities and Stick to Them

Before you plan your career shift stop for a while and assess your professional journey till date. From the skills you’ve acquired so far, to the mistakes you’ve committed, start with some introspection and think about what you want. Once you’ve figured that out plan your way ahead. Identify what you need and the means to achieve it. Be dedicated to your goals and give it your best shot.

Play Your Strengths and Work on Your Flaws

So you’re not cut out for the conventional career? Big deal. Make your own way and shine out in the crowd. After you’ve figured out your preferences, strengths and flaws, learn to use them wisely. Highlight your skills and work on the downsides. Talk to a professional or a mentor and keep your options open.

Efficient Skill Development Will Get You a Long Way

Every career choice has some basic requirements that you must fulfill if you want to make it big in that field. Skill development has been among the most important things that would boost your professional life. And your age doesn’t matter, you can acquire new skills if you have the dedication for it. But only thinking about your goals won’t do you any good, it is time to act, make your career dreams a reality.

  • Join a professional course
  • Get an appropriate degree
  • Join an online internship
  • Coaching classes and other crash courses might also help

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Widen Your Contacts

It can be pretty frustrating when people who are far less skilled and experienced grab the post while you’re left behind. Only applying for jobs and sending in your resume to different companies won’t help, you need to have the right source as well. You won’t find a job simply by looking for one, getting a job is more about knowing people in the corporate world. Sharpen your communication skills and present a confident and professional front. The trick is to look for the right people and not the job.

Don’t Sit Idle, Take Up Part-Time Jobs

While you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity don’t just sit and idle away your time. Join some internship or take up a part-time job in a small firm. This not only boosts your confidence and earns you some extra cash but also looks good on your resume. From working as a temporary intern to doing the simplest of jobs at a firm, a part-time job helps you learn the ropes of the desired industry. Getting some extra experience sure comes in handy.

Experiment, Explore and Improve

Do not stick to one particular career field explore the other areas and contemporary fields as well. Interact with other people professionals, fresh graduates, career counselors and learn about the many options open for you. Limiting your scope to just one profession or post restricts you from experimenting and improving.

  • Understand the different options open to you
  • Test unique career plans and check your capability
  • Don’t simply figure it out, act on it

Be Persistent in Your Efforts

You won’t get a job the minute you apply for it; no, it takes a lot more than a simple interview or an impressive resume. You need to mobilize your resources and work pretty hard to achieve your goals. Be practical in your approach don’t ditch your present career unless you’re absolutely sure of your next step. Also, don’t lose heart if all your plans are unable to produce any results, good things take time. Consistent effort, perseverance, and patience will get you a long way.

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The Bottom Line

Switching to a different career is sure a big step, a life-altering decision that can go horribly wrong if you don’t go about it the right way. The above-mentioned steps discuss a systematic and smart approach that will help you understand the “why”, figure out the “what” and act on the “how” to get your dream job.

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