Checklist for CRM and Sales Software / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

This CRM & Sales Software checklist can help you identify your needs for improving conversion and for organizing clients and prospects.

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CRM software, or customer relationship management software, is an extremely valuable asset to many businesses both large and small. It keeps your important clients and prospects organized, and can drastically improve productivity and conversion while helping you create lucrative relationships. With the emergence of cloud computing, or the ability to use software via the internet, the CRM and sales software model of the past is long gone.

Cloud computing allows for businesses to pay monthly to use a CRM software system, instead of the only prior option to purchase and own. Additionally, the advanced technology brings many new functions within CRM software, but which of these features does your business actually need? Our free CRM & Sales Software Checklist below helps you identify what your needs, and compare your options side by side.

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