Checklist for Email Marketing / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Use this checklist to help you compare a wide range of email marketing solutions in order to identify your particular business needs.

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In our constantly connected world, email marketing is one the fastest and most direct ways to communicate with your customers. It has become the customers’ preferred mode of communication with businesses, and has proven to be a winning sales and marketing tactic. Though it has an obvious place in retail and service-oriented businesses, most companies can benefit from strategic email marketing.

Thankfully for marketers, a wide range of solutions exist to help optimize your email marketing efforts. Designed for businesses of any size, these services often come with an arsenal of tools like social sharing, mobile optimization, and tracking and reporting services. In order to help you identify the email marketing needs of your business and choose the best service for you, we built this free Email Marketing Checklist below. Download it now, and you’ll be emailing customers in no time.

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