Checklist for Postage Meters / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Use our Postage Meters Checklist to assess your needs and compare your options based on how much mail your business sends and where it goes.

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The post office is hardly a place to visit when time is precious, so when it comes to sending important mail from your business, a postage meter can be a valuable investment. Relatively cost-effective and easy to use, most mailrooms use some variety of this machine.

The meter(s) you choose for your business greatly depends on how much mail you send and where you send it to. If you send frequent mailings to customers or clients, features like an automatic envelope feed, letter folder, and moistener/sealer can make a huge difference. Use our Postage Meters Checklist below to assess your needs and compare your options. Download it now for free.

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