Chemical B2B Markets

By Howard Robertson, writer
Feb 11, 2011
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Get cost effective solutions for your chemical requirements by using chemical B2B markets

Chemical B2B markets (or business-to-business chemical markets) offer you an opportunity to participate in the chemicals business trading process. You can buy or sell chemicals at different online chemical trading companies. These chemical markets give you an opportunity to buy chemicals at competitive rates in different chemical auctions.  

Though an online chemical marketplace seems like a convenient alternative to the traditional chemical trading system, you must have sufficient expertise about chemicals and their prices. While buying or selling chemicals in an online chemical market, you must consult an expert about the application requirements. In addition, you must have updated information about the innovations in chemical industry.  

You can also trade chemicals as a business activity; however, trading chemicals in chemical B2B markets is a complicated task that requires a detailed knowledge about the chemical industry as well as the trading variations.  

Some important parameters you must consider while buying chemicals in chemical B2B markets are:  

  1. Application of chemicals
  2. Required quantity of chemicals
  3. Composition and other properties of chemicals
  4. Types of chemicals available in online chemical b2b markets
  5. Method of delivery and transportation costs

Search for chemicals at different chemical B2B markets

You can buy or sell chemicals at different chemical B2B markets. These chemical markets offer you an opportunity to buy or sell chemicals at competitive prices.
Chem-online is a global chemicals exchange where you can buy different categories of chemicals such as agrochemicals, dyes and paints, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. is a surplus industrial chemicals exchange. ChemCross is a global chemical marketplace owned by 67 chemical companies where you can buy or sell different commodity chemicals.

Keep yourself updated about developments in chemical markets

To make better buying or selling decision, you must have updated information about developments in the chemical industry. Subscribe to reputable periodicals and newsletters so that you are aware of the latest innovations in chemicals and manufacturing processes.
You can check out the latest news and archived newsletters at Chemical Online, a reputable chemical marketplace. You can search and subscribe to different trade magazines at, a search engine for chemical industry. You can also learn about the updates in chemical industry at SOCMA (Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association).

Consult experts before buying or selling chemicals in the chemical markets

Before making buying or selling decisions, you should consult companies that provide expert opinions about chemical markets.
You can search for a chemical expert at Intota, a service company offering business experts’ services. is a chemicals marketplace that offers a service called ‘Access to an Expert’ for the potential chemical trading companies. You can search for different chemical experts at

Participate in chemicals trading at chemical distributors

You can compare different industrial chemicals based on their features and prices at chemical distributors' websites.
Univar is a chemical distributor supplying chemicals to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, pest control chemicals and personal care products. ChemPoint, a distributor of fine and specialty chemicals, offers chemicals from reputable suppliers such as Albermarle, BASF, Chemtura and LANXESS. Tri-iso is another specialty chemicals distributor that supplies adhesives, sealants, polyurethane chemicals and thermoplastics.
  • If you are joining a chemicals exchange or a chemicals marketplace, check out its trading history and credibility.
  • If you are a chemical manufacturing company, observe and maintain a database about the variations in the chemical B2B markets.
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