Chemical Testing Laboratories Pricing and Costs

By Emmet McMahan, writer
May 05, 2011
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Get the best prices on a chemical testing laboratory

Chemical testing laboratories pricing and costs depend on such factors as the specific tests required, the sample types and the detection limits. Solid samples typically must be ground into powder, which may incur additional charges. In addition, the detection limit is generally related to the sample size, so larger samples can reduce the cost of analysis. Many testing methods are destructive, so the value of the sample should also be added to the cost of the chemical analysis. Some results of chemical testing may require additional analysis, so another factor to consider in the cost of chemical testing is the laboratory's policy on repeat testing.

A chemical testing facility may be grouped into specific categories, such as the following:

  1. A chemical testing facility that analyzes fluids. These laboratories frequently test drinking water for impurities.
  2. Chemical analysis laboratories that specialize in a particular type of testing. This may include specific test equipment or chemical procedures.
  3. General chemical testing services. Many chemical laboratories provide a wide range of unrelated services.

Research prices on chemical analysis services for fluids

Many chemical laboratories specialize in the testing of organic fluids, such as drinking water. These companies typically provide their services for a fixed price.

Find pricing on chemical testing labs that perform analytical testing

Analytical chemical testing typically uses a combination of instrumentation and traditional wet chemistry. These facilities often provide fixed prices for specific services.

Get pricing from chemical test labs that perform general testing services

Laboratories that provide general testing services may provide many different types of testing, such as pharmaceutical testing, environmental testing and materials testing. These companies typically require detailed information for a price quote.

  • Chemical test laboratories also may perform trace elemental testing. This type of chemical analysis generally refers to the detection of elements in concentrations ranging from 10 parts per billion (ppb) up to 1 part per million (ppm). Elemental testing can be performed for specific elements that would be considered impurities, or any unidentified element not belonging to a specific group of named elements. This type of service is frequently requested by a manufacturers' quality assurance department.
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