4 Tips for Recruiting at Corporate Events

Business.com / HR Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Leverage your company parties and events to recruit new talent while appreciating current employees.

While company parties are primarily held to appreciate employees and bring them closer together, it can also be a great opportunity to recruit new employees. Encouraging new talent to attend events and experience your office culture before they interview can be an inexpensive and convenient way to attract top talent that comes with the recommendation of your existing employees.

If you are considering using your corporate event to recruit new employees, here are four tips for success.

1. Let Employees Know

This is the most basic rule of engagement, but many companies fail to let employees know far enough in advanced that one of their goals for the holiday party is to recruit new talent. Encourage employees to bring one friend who might be interested in working for you to the party. While it may seem like a large expenditure to pay for food and entertainment for this many extra people, 46 percent of employees hired through referral stayed for at least one year — significantly higher than traditional recruiting.

Give your workforce at least two months notice, so they can let any friends who might be interested in working for you know, especially if you intend on opening the invitation to these folks.

2. Hold a Referral Raffle

Make bringing referrals to your party a game by giving each employee a certain number of points for how many potential hires they bring to your event, how many interviews result from the event and how many actual hires result from their efforts. This encourages employees not only to bring more friends who might be interested in working for your company, but to bring quality referrals who will actually sign on the dotted line and bring value to your business. Offer a large prize (survey the office to see what’s appropriate) for the winner so employees will have enough incentive to participate.

3. Host a Photo Booth

Think not only about recruiting during the party, but long after. Capturing quality photos of your employees and potential recruits having fun and enjoying your office culture is a priceless recruitment tool that you can put to use on your website, social media platforms and other recruiting materials. You could even shoot video, if you have the resources. Consider hiring a professional event photographer and purchasing a fun backdrop to add polish to your photo booth.

4. Hand Out Copious Company Swag

While potential recruits are having fun, make sure to give them plenty to remember you by and handout branded items like hats, notebooks or other creative company swag. Not only will this make them feel like they are already part of your team, but it will also encourage them to talk about your company with others in their network. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising, especially when it comes to recruiting employees.

Attracting new talent can be rough, especially if you’re business is in a highly-specialized field. It’s wise to take every opportunity you can to recruit quality employees. If you’re trying to find creative ways to recruit, consider incorporating the above ideas to grow your workforce this year.

Photo credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

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