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Launching a startup is difficult, especially when you don't have the right tools. Check this list of tools to build first your startup.

I’ve been working on three different projects over the last few years. Let’s call them "startups". A lot of people these days use the word startup and I think it fits here too. So let me tell you about mine.

My first startup was called Refe. It was basically a marketplace of royalty-free, high-quality, natural looking photos. Refe made me proud.

Although we didn't raise any money and no one was interested in investing in our product, we managed to sell it. We did an exit. I hate to admit it: Refe was dying.

The second startup that I was involved in was a website aimed at active people. It was named AthleticDuo. It contained articles about exercise, healthy lifestyle, diet plans and much more. Unfortunately, it was hard to monetize the idea, so I decided to move on. 

One of my final projects was simply called Podkastas. It was a podcast show for a young Lithuanian audience, keen on success and full of passion. In fact, it was the number one podcast in Lithuania last year. I decided to focus on other projects and left Podkastas with valuable experience. 

Every startup experience taught me unforgettable lessons. I now know how to effectively use available tools and work easily with teammates from different locations and diverse settings. Here are some of these tools to help you benefit like I have.

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We used Slack because it’s simple to use and brings all your communication together in a single place. It also allows you to send messages in real-time, filtering them, while allowing you to create groups. Another prominent feature is the search tool. Just get the app for your smartphone or laptop.

Slack mobile and online screenshot

Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe place to store all your documents. It’s easy to share, edit and comment. You can even use the chat option to discuss documents and comments with your colleagues.

Google Drive screenshot


User-friendly is the key word here. This is a great tool to use when you are creating targeted newsletters for your audience. MailerLite even gives you all the trackers and metrics to keep an eye on so that you can achieve your goals.

MailerLite screenshot


I guess we’ve all heard of Dropbox. It’s quite useful when you need to send massive documents or just to keep your file online. You can also try WeTransfer to transport huge files. It's free up to 2GB per file and doesn’t take too long.

Dropbox screenshot


Managing a group of people can get difficult  especially if you’re in different locations. That’s where Trello helped me manage and keep on top of tasks. You can comment, create boards and assign tasks to others.

Trello screenshot


Buffer is the best tool to help you run your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts. Just remember to schedule the posts and they will be posted automatically. You can choose any time and day without worrying about being there yourself.

Buffer screenshot


For me, Stripe is the best payment tool available online. It saves a lot of time for my customers and myself. The biggest advantage is the beautiful design and its simplicity. Anybody can use it.

Stipe screenshot


Meldium supports more than 2,300+ apps now. When I started to use it, it supported only around 500. Team password sharing and management wasn’t a headache with this useful tool around.

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Meldium screenshot

Google Analytics

I’m sure that I don’t need to say much about this widely used tool. Tracking and counting your unique visitors or page views is crucial for any business. Google Analytics is still the best tool for this purpose. It enables you to track traffic and understand which parts of your marketing campaign are working the best.

Google Analytics screenshot


Invoiceomatic is my favorite tool to make invoices. This online tool is free and easy to use. You don't need any skills or knowledge. Just feed in the data and your invoice will be ready to send.

Invoiceomatic screenshot


Back when I was looking for new clients, I was attending meetings almost every day. Prezi helped me out. It made sure that my presentations looked their best and made an impact on every client and prospective client. 

Prezi screenshot


IFTTT was responsible for connecting my favorite apps to each other. While it took some time to get it together, the result made work processes smoother and faster.

IFTTT screenshot


Social media posts can get boring without images. So I used Pablo to create beautiful images for Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. This tool is fast and gives options for the various sizes that are needed for each social media site or app.

Pablo screenshot


Forest made me stay away from my smartphone and stay focused on work. Time is money. Distraction is a waste of time. You can download Forest on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It works on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Use this tool to stay productive.

Forest screenshot


Whenever I’ve needed to save something for later, I’ve used Stache. It’s quick. It’s also easy to collect and re-discover pages that you find useful, interesting or inspiring. Plus, it keeps everything neat because clutter wastes your time.

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Stache screenshot

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