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In 2003, Americans purchased 24.4% of the world's cocoa powder, making it wise to take a serious look at cocoa and cocoa powder ...

In 2003, Americans purchased 24.4% of the world's cocoa powder, making it wise to take a serious look at cocoa and cocoa powder pricing and costs. Cocoa may prove even more popular in years to come; a Yale study recently connected drinking hot cocoa with improved cardiovascular health. Plus, Americans love chocolate; chocolate is North America's favorite flavor.

Whether you need baking cocoa for your restaurant, bakery or other food business or you want cocoa powder or chocolate mix to create drinks for your coffee house, restaurant or other venue, there are a variety cocoas to consider. These include:

1. Natural or Dutch powdered cocoa, used for baking,

2. Organic powdered cocoa, ideal for those who prefer products as natural as possible,

3. And cocoa powder mixes for making hot, chocolaty drinks.

Buy cocoa powder, natural or Dutch

Both natural and Dutch cocoa powder are unsweetened and suitable for baking and cooking. Dutch-processed cocoa is treated with an alkali so it is milder in flavor. Natural cocoa powder tastes more intense and bitter. Cocoa powder prices vary considerably according to quality, but good quality natural or Dutch powder sells for about $13 to $16 for 2 lb.

Choose organic cocoa powder

According to the USDA, organic products cannot be made with the use of most synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, must not be genetically engineered and may not be irradiated. Natural cocoa that is organic is, surprisingly, about the same cost as traditional cocoa, selling for around $5 to $7 a pound. Dutch-processed organic cocoa is about $6 to $8 a pound.

Select instant chocolate mix

The terms "hot cocoa" and "hot chocolate" are often used interchangeably, but hot chocolate is actually created with ground chocolate rather than powdered chocolate. Hot cocoa, on the other hand, is created with cocoa powder. Popular cocoa mixes vary according to brand. For example, 144 Starbucks hot cocoa packets sell for about $85 to $95 from wholesale hot cocoa suppliers. Three hundred packets of Butter-Nut instant cocoa mix is $45 to $55, and 12 lb. of Hershey's instant hot cocoa sells for about $30 to $40 wholesale.
  • Cocoa and cocoa powder should be stored in airtight containers, in a cool, dry location.

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