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Coffee roasters have become the new status symbol among food service operators and food wholesalers. Not only are wholesale coffee ...

Coffee roasters have become the new status symbol among food service operators and food wholesalers. Not only are wholesale coffee shops investing in the latest coffee roasting technology, but also restaurateurs are buying commercial coffee bean roasters so they can wow their customers with amazingly fresh, rich-tasting coffee. When it comes to serving great coffee, "fresh" is the key word. There's no better way to get fresh coffee then to roast your own coffee beans right on the premises.

A commercial coffee bean roaster lets you roast coffee beans right on the premises--even if you don't have extra room in the kitchen. Your customers will notice the difference. They'll value the extra steps you've taken to make sure they get a premium cup of coffee. Commercial coffee roasters are a sound investment because they can help you:

1. Boost sales in your breakfast-lunch operation with an affordable, space-saving coffee bean roaster.

2. Satisfy the coffee roasting demands of higher-volume operations.

3. Maximize your productivity with industrial-sized commercial coffee roasters.

Purchase a tabletop coffee bean roaster for your deli or luncheonette counters

Your store is small without much extra floor space. You're also new to coffee roasting, so an entry-level model is a perfect start. Roasting an hourly maximum of 25 lbs. should be sufficient for your needs, even for the early-morning rush.

Purchase a floor-mounted drum coffee roaster machine for larger scale operations

Perhaps you own a gourmet food store that packages its own fresh roasted whole coffee beans for its discriminating patrons, or you operate a diner where the coffee never stops pouring. A floor-mounted fresh roast coffee roaster is what you need to put out between 50 and 150 lbs. of fresh roasted coffee per hour.

Invest in an industrial-size commercial coffee roaster for wholesale accounts

With wholesale accounts to fill, you'll need to roast at least 1000 lbs. of coffee beans each hour.

  • Try to buy commercial coffee bean roasters with "infrared" rather than "atmospheric" burners. Infrared burners run on about 50% less fuel than atmospheric burners, and provide a greater capacity roasting range.

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