Commercial Aircraft Refurbishing Pricing and Costs / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Commercial aircraft refurbishing is an economical solution when you have a fleet that is running well but is not as up-to-date as you ...

Commercial aircraft refurbishing is an economical solution when you have a fleet that is running well but is not as up-to-date as you would like. Airplane refurbishment includes interior and exterior painting, replacing worn upholstery and materials or even completely redesigning the interior. It can also include modifications designed to improve your plane’s overall performance.
A refurbished aircraft can function just as successfully and economically as a new one, but you need to understand that commercial aircraft refurbishing pricing and costs might ruin your company before you start on your refurbishment project. Decide what elements need refurbishing, and then:
1. Work with commercial aircraft painting services for the best prices and performance.
2. Find the range of pricing for interior airplane refurbishing.
3. Get quotes for modifications provided by aircraft renovation companies.

Get quotes from commercial aircraft painters

The average cost of commercial aircraft painting for a small plane is about $8000. Depending on the size of the aircraft and the finishings you choose, however, your prices can run much higher than that. Before you choose a provider for your commercial aircraft painting, get quotes from multiple aircraft painting companies.

Seek out prices for aircraft interior refurbishment

Interior airline refurbishment can make your aircraft much more comfortable and safer for your passengers and crew. The pricing of interior aircraft refurbishment varies widely. If you're just seeking basic updates, it could be only a couple thousand dollars. If you want a complete interior airplane refurbishment, with new seating and cabinetry, it can run into the tens of thousands.

Find out the pricing of airplane refurbishment to enhance performance

Older airlines may need more extensive refurbishment than just painting and interior renovations. Some aircraft renovation companies offer modifications to both the operating system and the aircraft itself, creating a more efficient airplane. These modifications generally start in the lower thousands and run into the tens of thousands for extensive work.

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