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Commercial fryers make the stuff people really crave — from fast food French fries and onion rings to funnel cakes at the ...

Commercial fryers make the stuff people really crave — from fast food French fries and onion rings to funnel cakes at the amusement park. Considering America’s appetite for fried foods, the demand for commercial deep fryers is not likely to go away any time soon.  

Commercial deep fryers take foods from frozen to golden brown in minutes and cook up to 100 pounds of food per hour to satisfy consumers’ desires for tasty, deep-fried fare. Restaurants and foodservice vendors can make the most of consumer demand for fried foods by making the best choices in commercial fryers.  

In this guide to commercial deep fryers, you’ll find:

  1. Information on the various kinds of commercial fryers, including considerations for gas and electric commercial fryers.
  2. Advice for choosing the most energy efficient commercial fryers.
  3. Tips for choosing a commercial fryer when space is limited.
  4. Resources for locating quality used commercial fryers.

Choose the right commercial fryer to meet your needs

Options for commercial deep fryers include open deep-fat fryers, pressure/kettle fryers and flat-bottom specialty fryers. Open deep-fat commercial fryers, are the most common type of fryer offering the benefits of an "open pot" design for easy maintenance and cleaning by hand. Pressure commercial fryers are often used for frying large amounts of chicken in a short amount of time. Choose flat bottom gas commercial fryers for cooking liquid batter (donuts) and tempura-style foods.

Weigh the benefits of electric commercial fryers and gas commercial fryers

Gas commercial fryers tend to be less expensive to operate and have the ability to heat up faster than their electric counterparts. Electric commercial fryers are more expensive to operate but are definitely the most efficient. They also feature more safety measures and enhanced controls for temperature and time limits.

Make energy efficiency a goal in choosing commercial fryers

Commercial fryers that qualify for the Energy Star rating offer shorter cook times and higher production rates. Energy Star ratings can extend to either electric or gas commercial fryers but currently only cover open commercial deep fryers.

Consider how space limitations can affect your choice of commercial fryers

When space is an issue, or if you need to transport commercial deep fryers, consider the benefits of portable countertop models.

Save money by purchasing used commercial fryers

Many quality name-brand commercial fryers will outlast their original owner. If budget is a consideration, try locating used commercial fryers.
  • You may need to purchase more than one commercial fryer since the same fryer may not work for all kinds of food.
  • Ask yourself if the commercial fryers you are purchasing can handle your workload without downtime.
  • Buying an energy-efficient commercial fryer may cost more upfront but can save money over the long haul.

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