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Commercial insurance agents and brokers help you find policies and rates for commercial insurance coverage. The coverage fully protects ...

Commercial insurance agents and brokers help you find policies and rates for commercial insurance coverage. The coverage fully protects your business and financial future regarding any crisis you may face. It is very important that you trust your commercial insurance agent and fully understand what your policy covers before signing off on anything. Too little coverage won’t cover your out-of-pocket expenses. Too much coverage doesn’t benefit you—the insurance company only pays you for your loss.

The methods used by commercial insurance agents and brokers vary. You should understand the differences between commercial insurance agents and brokers before you start your search for coverage.

1. A captive insurance agent works for only one company and offers only that company’s policies.

2. An independent insurance agent works for several different commercial insurance agencies and can offer you several different plans and comparisons on commercial insurance rates.

3. A commercial insurance broker can offer you policies from any company and provide more individualized research and analysis.

Use a commercial insurance agent recommended by a commercial insurance provider you trust

Select the company you'd like to work with, and they will provide a specific commercial insurance agent to act as the liaison between you and the company.

Weigh your options between companies with an independent commercial insurance agent

Look for excellent customer service records, flexibility and experience in working with businesses like yours. An independent commercial insurance agent can work with most any commercial insurance provider on your behalf.

Cover a wide range of services with a commercial insurance broker

Commercial insurance brokerage rates can be higher than those of a commercial insurance agent. The additional cost provides you with a more in-depth analysis of commercial insurance policies. Commercial insurance brokers offer business analysis, determination of needs and can negotiate with commercial insurance providers on your behalf.

  • A good commercial insurance agent or broker will make recommendations to you on ways you can reduce commercial insurance costs and still fully protect your business. For instance, a broker may suggest a higher deductible to lower to cost of commercial insurance rates.

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