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Commercial electric ranges and gas commercial cooking ranges are the best way to prepare meals in your restaurant. Whether you choose ...

Commercial electric ranges and gas commercial cooking ranges are the best way to prepare meals in your restaurant. Whether you choose gas or electric is a matter of preference, but either way, industrial ranges are a necessity in a modern kitchen.

If you are just starting out, you can find used commercial stoves, particularly used commercial gas ranges, at a discounted price. Combination commercial range ovens are also a good investment if you need an oven for baking purposes. Buying a commercial range oven combination can save space and help you save money on your initial investment.

Commercial cooking ranges come in wide variety of configurations and styles. Choose one of these configurations to suit your needs:

1. Commercial electric ranges

2. Gas commercial ranges

3. Custom-configured commercial ranges

Choose gas commercial range ovens for precise temperatures, every time

Most chefs prefer gas ranges because a gas burner can be set at a precise heat. Whether you're looking for a new or used commercial stove, you are sure to find a gas model right for your kitchen. Because there is little in the way of parts that can go bad, you can count on many years of service from a gas commercial range.

Pick commercial electric ranges and save space

Commercial electric ranges are improving, but they still can't offer the fast response of gas ranges. However, many commercial electric ranges come in tabletop models. This can help if space is an issue in your kitchen.

Configure your commercial range ovens to suit your needs

Rather than just getting burners, you can purchase commercial cooking ranges that perform all sorts of jobs, from toasting buns to frying pancakes. Griddles, fryers, woks and warming shelves are just a few of the various combinations offered on kitchen ranges.
  • Most gas ranges come with natural gas settings. However, if you're going to cook on LP gas, make sure you purchase the appropriate fittings.
  • Every kitchen is a different size and shape, and the makers of commercial ranges know that. They have products that range from 17 inches all the way to 72 inches wide. Work with your contractor to design your restaurant's kitchen to maximize cooking space.

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