Top 5 Companies That Have Teased a New Product / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Releasing a new product takes strategy and time. One way companies make the most of this time of transition is to tease their audience....

There are any number of marketing strategies a company can use to keep it's customers hooked, and your business has likely used more than one. But if there is ever a time to ramp up your marketing efforts, it's when releasing a new product.

One way companies can make the most of this time of transition is to tease their audience. When a company teases a new product -- be it a film, a tech toy, or a website -- the audience is instantly hooked. What is it? Who made it? When will it arrive?

The buzz generated by a teaser campaign can span weeks or months until the final product release -- and for a significant time after wards. Here are the top 5 companies who have taken advantage of "the tease" as a smart marketing tool.

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1. Apple is a master of the teaser marketing campaign. They work hard to preserve the confidentiality of their products, leaking small tidbits of information for weeks and even months before the product is even announced, much less released. Speculation from the media and the blogosphere about the products provide Apple with essentially free advertising leading up to and following the release of each new product. By teasing new products they leave their already gadget-heavy customer wanting more and more.

2. In March 2002, Nike began an estimated $100 million worldwide marketing campaign built around what it called the "Secret Tournament," releasing mysterious ads featuring a pair of soccer cleats and a scorpion, followed by commercials depicting cage-match style soccer tournaments. By the time of the 2002 World Cup, Nike had made its presence felt in the soccer world -- and increased its global soccer revenues to $500 million -- a 24% increase over the previous year.

3. Super Bowl advertisements have become so significant that companies have begun releasing short teasers for their Super Bowl ads in the days leading up to the main event. One of the most successful -- and memorable --was for Volkswagen's 2011 "Feel the Force" commercial for the Passat, featuring a young boy in a Darth Vader costume. Due to the buzz and the successful execution of the campaign, the commercial now has 56 million YouTube views.

4. Google - one of the largest internet titans - still teases products. Google Glass -- the long-rumored "augmented reality" glasses -- was officially announced in April 2012 through a teaser concept video. A second teaser video was released in January 2013 -- with Twitter campaign and contest -  to continue to drive hype for the product. has gone through many looks throughout the years of the domain. Over the past few years, extensive research and testing has been conducted on how buyers use information online to buy business products and services.  Stay tuned to see the final product of our learnings.

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