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Our guide to promotional items will help you pick the right swag for your industry, gain some purchasing tips, and compare the many vendors.

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Promotional items, or "swag", are pieces of merchandise that feature an organization's name, logo, slogan, and/or message. The organization gives them away or sells them as a form of branding. 

The idea behind company swag is to raise awareness of the organization's name, brand, or mission and to keep the brand in front of existing and potential customers. 

Companies work hard to find promotional items that have an everyday use, such as a pen or clock, or which hold a prominent position in the home that is viewable daily, such as a refrigerator magnet or scratch pad. 

Promtotional items can be expensive and it's important to try to pick items that have great appeal to clients.

The Guide to Promotional Items Highlights:

  • The benefits of using promotional items for marketing purposes. 
  • Helpful purchasing tips.
  • Cost calculations and ways to save.
  • A comparison checklist to assess vendors. 
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