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Concession stands can bump up profits in movie theaters, at outdoor events and in retail environments. In addition, with a small ...

Concession stands can bump up profits in movie theaters, at outdoor events and in retail environments. In addition, with a small investment, you can purchase a concession stand and concession equipment to start your own food service business. The type of concessions equipment you need depends on the type of food you want to sell — hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn or other quick-serve fare.

With concession stands, you can make money in many places, including:

  1. City sidewalks where there is a lot of foot traffic, and street concession stands are permitted.
  2. Fairs and carnivals where children and their parents expect to see cotton candy machines, snow cone machines and hot dog machines.
  3. Movie theaters where customers are enticed by the buttery aroma of fresh popped popcorn coming from popcorn machines.
  4. Retail stores where concession machines offer customers a chance to grab a quick snack.

Popcorn machines and equipment

Popcorn machines - available in models that make buttered popcorn, caramel corn or kettle corn - are proven moneymakers for movie theaters and retail stores. For independent concession stand owners, fairs and carnivals are a great avenue for sales.
vendors of popcorn machines and equipment, check the directory.

Cotton candy machines and equipment

State and county fairs wouldn't be the same without cotton candy machines. Cotton candy concession equipment includes floss machines that spin sugar into cotton candy, floss pan covers to protect yourself and customers from hot sugar burns and paper cones to catch the spun sugar.
cotton candy machines at

Hamburger and hot dog machines and equipment

Hot dog concession equipment includes hot dog machines, steamers, grills and bun warmers.
hot dog machines.

Nachos concessions equipment

Of all concession snacks, nachos require the least amount of concession equipment. All you need is a heater or warmer and a way to dispense the cheese.

Pizza concession equipment

Add pizza concessions equipment to almost any concession stand, and you'll find a hungry audience.

Shaved ice and snow cone machines and equipment

Snow cone machines are a big hit at outdoor events, in movie theaters or in retail parking lots during the summer months.
snow cone machines.

Condiment servers and concession stand serving accessories

Every concession stand needs concessions equipment like serving utensils, takeaway containers and condiment dispensers.
  • Pizza ovens, popcorn concessions machines and cotton candy floss machines can cause serious burns if not used correctly and with proper training.
  • Buy protective screens and gloves for working with concession equipment.
  • If you don't have the right electrical components, your concession equipment can easily overload circuits.
  • Find out if your concession stands and equipment come with a warranty and where you can go for service.

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