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The Connected Intelligence of NOW and How It Can Help Your Company's Efficiency

William MacDonald
William MacDonald

Connected intelligence is the future of business communication.

Transforming complex communications into intuitive action and insight using intelligent solutions can scale your enterprise and maximize resources.


Today, organizations are shifting strategies to simplify their meeting experience, expedite the meeting experience, and dramatically reduce the friction caused by outdated systems. It’s all about the New Optimised Workforce (NOW).

Intelligent interaction

The culture of NOW is having access in an instant to services that remove the barriers to effective communications delivering a seamless experience for the workforce to operate more efficiently. The benefits of collaborative meeting solutions are enormous including, the reduction of unnecessary IT or technical costs, simplifying the infrastructure, the elimination of futile travel, improving the architectural security posture, and much more.

New communication solutions are constantly being introduced into the market. According to global consulting firm Deloitte in their Global Human Capital Trends Report 2018, "The hyper-connected nature of the workplace means that interactions between and among workers and the outside world can be a tremendous source for analysis if managed appropriately." In addition, "70% of respondents believe workers will spend more time on collaboration platforms in the future, 67% see growth in ‘work-based social media’ and 62% predict an increase in instant messaging."

In fact, this is also supported by findings from the StarLeaf cloud data intelligence, where the growth in global cloud-based point-to-point video conferencing usage has increased by 880% (October 2014 compared to October 2018). This data intelligence is vital to assessing the usage and productivity of solutions to show the return on investment. The knowledge enables enterprises to understand video meetings trends and how they are helping employees collaborate more efficiently. With increasing pressures to meet tight deadlines, the need for people to swiftly reach out to field-based teams and cater to a growing remote workforce is becoming more prevalent.

Transformative enterprises are now seeking intelligent meeting solutions to support these four critical initiatives:

  • Intelligent debate: Smarter systems provide both employees and employers with the ability to connect via intuitive video conferencing, video calling, and instant messaging. Whether to share content, communicate quickly, meet in a moment, or securely share content, the ability to empower people to collaborate effectively and make better decisions is vital to keep a competitive edge.
  • Agility and interoperability: The ability to interact with agile, intuitive systems that are platform agnostic enables users to experience seamless communications across multiple systems. By not being "locked-in" to one collaboration infrastructure platform or communication standard, means enterprises have more flexibility to scale their operations and adapt their architecture to suit the needs of the business.
  • Detect and protect sensitive data: From hardware to software-based products, security must remain a high priority for all organizations. Data governance and compliance should be enforced end-to-end and throughout the enterprise. All communication traffic (i.e. video, voice) needs to be encrypted and firewall traversal must be provided for meeting systems, so that they can easily sit behind a company’s firewall, adding a further level of security. Managing risk is of paramount importance as every meeting matters.
  • Visibility and control: Enterprises need to arrive at optimal decisions. The use of single-source analytics and reporting tools means that decision-makers can measure usage, productivity and do so within a safe environment. Many leaders regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes affecting their business and markets. Better visibility of resources and insights into real-time data is crucial in the analysis of return on capital investment.

Meeting intuitively

Enterprises are reaching a milestone in the way we meet, message, and manage ourselves. Intelligent tools streamline communications and optimize the way we work in a fast-paced environment. Embracing the culture of NOW is gathering recognition and pace. Business is compromised when communications are not agile. Connected intelligence delivers reliability, flexibility, and security. Meet in an Instant.

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William MacDonald
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