Content Cheat Sheet: Quick Tips To Keep Your Readers Attention / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Keeping the attention of readers is important for a variety of reasons, which include conversions and even ad revenue.

Far too often companies have a blog that is sporadically updated with a random post but not much goes on the blog.

This is a huge waste since a blog can be one of the best marketing tools available to the marketing department even if it is just a small company. Companies who have blogs that aren’t updated on a consistent basis might look closed to website viewers or that they do not care to update it which looks unprofessional to many.

Keeping the attention of readers is another battle that editors face. Having a blog with boring subject matter that just advertises the company can have people avoiding the blog as they do not want to be sold or read old spun content. The following are some tips on how to grab the attention of readers and keep them coming back/sharing content.

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Make Boring Subject Matter Interesting

There are just some industries that are necessary but might not be interesting to a large portion of people. If this industry has quite a lot of statistics that can be visualized in the form of interactive mediaor an infographic, this can make otherwise boring numbers into something that will be interesting and educational to the viewer.

Having news that might be on the lighter side like what others in the industry dressed up as for Halloween as many companies work together on a daily basis. This can help build business relationships as well as engaging with others in the comments can build rapport with multiple businesses.

Inform in Simple Terms

Those blogs that only use industry terms can sometimes read like another language to the untrained eye. The ability to break things down in simple enough terms that nearly everyone can understand takes advanced knowledge of the subject matter as well as the ability to put it in the form of a post.

Appealing to the broader audience is wise especially in businesses like marketing because all walks of life own businesses that need to be marketed to. Avoid trying to sound as cryptic as possible when writing for the blog. This will expand readership/shares, which helps in search engine rankings.

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Switch It Up

Trying new ideas for columns or a series of articles is always a great idea. When just starting out this can give a blog editor the ability to see what the readers like as well as what type of content generates the most buzz.

While it isn’t wise to switch things up on a constant basis, it is nice to have a new weekly or monthly column become a permanent thing which makes the editors content calendar nice and full. If staff is at capacity when it comes to writing for the blog then allowing a guest to contribute can save on time spent by staff as well as offer a fresh perspective.

Customer/Reader Questions for the Blog

The blog of a dating website might answer relationship questions of their readers. This builds rapport among the readers and a sense of community especially if the readers interact via the comment section giving their advice. Questions will come in all forms and some might be very specific.

Try to pick the ones that apply to the larger group since picking obscure questions might only appeal to one person and it will have readers clicking out much sooner. Listen to readers when they also ask if there can be an article written on a topic. This saves time trying to think up an article concept as well as interest the other readers.

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Utilizing a blog to its full potential should be a goal of all companies. The website is the first contact that many have with a company so making the content of the entire website interesting is important. If the customer views the blog it is essential that something interests them about the services that are provided or they are taught something about the industry or service.

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