Convenience Stores Education and Training

By Nate Waymire, writer
Dec 01, 2010
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Properly preparing personnel to run convenience store chains

Whether you plan to own several locations of a convenience store franchise or a single shop, it is essential that you are prepared to manage every aspect of the business. You will need an education in business management to learn how to oversee the daily tasks of running a store and you must hire and train employees to deal with the public, handle money and handle all the other requirements of your establishment. Customer service and knowledge of the industry are key to the survival of your store, because if customers are not happy with their experience they will go to one of your competitors.

Convenience stores education and training should begin before any new employee is hired and continue the entire time each person works for you. Make your store the one people return to regularly by offering them the most well-trained and educated clerks around. Some steps you can take to accomplish this goal are:

1. Get the education you need to manage a business;

2. Have employees attend seminars for convenience food retailers;

3. Keep updated on the latest news about retail convenience stores;

4. Require your staff to take training courses to expand their knowledge about the business.

Take business administration classes to learn how to run a convenience store chain

Managing and operating a convenience store is a lot of work. There are a plethora of responsibilities, such as accounting, working with vendors, inventory, starting lines of credit, payroll and more. You can learn these skills by taking a business administration course. Earning a Bachelor's Degree in this field will give you the background, education and training you need to take on all the duties that come with running a convenience store.
Rasmussen College, South University or DeVry University. Get an online education from Kaplan Higher Education.

Get training for the convenience store industry

When starting a convenience store you need to hire enough people to run your operation full time and, after the location is open, you will occasionally require new workers. One of the best ways to ensure your employees are ready to start their jobs and to encourage them to stay long term is to send them to training courses about the convenience store business. Classes are available at physical locations or online and they will give your crew the knowledge and preparation to become adept at running your store.

Find current convenience store information online

Keep your staff current on the latest news about retail convenience store chains. Bookmark websites that offer the most recent articles and share anything of importance with your employees. The articles will be about everything from convenience store operations or the latest trendy products, to how to display merchandise in the most appealing and effective manner.

Keep up the convenience stores education and training with seminars

Seminars for convenience retail chains are a great way to find out about what stores around the country are doing, hear success stories and make business contacts. You will also learn about what will be happening in the convenience store industry in the near future. These informative gatherings usually only last two or three days so your staff will not be gone long.
  • Can't afford to take most of your staff to a seminar? Send one trusted employee and have them relay the information they learn to the rest of your crew.
  • Educate your staff on the store policies regarding criminal activity on the premises.
  • Train your staff to work the cash registers quickly. People want a convenience store experience that is fast and efficient.
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