Conversion Rate Optimization: What Not To Do / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Avoid making these mistakes! Check out these suggestions on what not to do for conversion rate optimization.

As a marketer, you’ve probably heard plenty of tips on improving your conversion rate.

But there could be a few things you’re doing that are actually hurting it. Page conversions are what generate leads and drive sales, so if you’re not getting the conversion rate you want, you need to eliminate certain practices that negatively impact your strategy.

Check out these suggestions on what not to do for conversion rate optimization.

Avoid an Unclear or Misleading Headline

If there’s one thing that can drive away your leads, it’s a headline that doesn’t match the rest of the content on the page. A misleading headline is like making a promise and not living up to your word. With the title, you must condense the intent of the page into just a few short words so that you create, and live up to, the visitor’s expectations.

Consider what people will expect when reviewing your web copy. Make sure the headline aligns with goals and search terms.

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Don’t Go Overboard on Forms for Visitors

It’s not necessary to get too much detail from leads at the top of the funnel; you just want enough contact information so you can reach out to them with additional content.  Don’t ask visitors to provide much beyond name, email address and their reason for visiting your page. An endless string of form fields will have them clicking the “Back” button and heading elsewhere for information.

Instead, plan to ask for additional details down the road as contacts move down your sales funnel. You could send out a “getting to know you” email a few weeks after initial contact with a survey giving you more demographic data on your email contacts.

Steer Clear of Common Call to Action Mistakes

You might be surprised to hear that many marketers still make mistakes like these when creating the all-important Call to Action.

  • Monotone Colors: Your CTA needs to be a separate element on the page, so make it stand out by using attention-grabbing colors. Aim for something bold that complements the rest of the hues in your color palette.
  • Links vs. Buttons: Including your CTA as a hyperlink surrounded by similar text increases the chances it will be overlooked. Use a button instead, with text such as, “Click for More Information,” “Create an Account,” or “Download the Whitepaper.” The bolder the color, the more attention-grabbing.
  • Page Positioning: Don’t make your leads have to work in order to find your Call to Action. It’s common to find a CTA at the bottom of the page, after all, the other content describing why the visitor should click the button. However, many visitors won’t scroll down that far. Put your CTA above the fold to ensure they see it without having to navigate. You can even place the same or similar CTA multiple times throughout the copy (think of a longer sales page using this strategy).

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Don’t Go With Text-Only Content

Skipping visually-engaging photos for your web pages is just lazy, as well as damaging to your brand. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of visitors to your page will recall the content, up to 30 days later, if you include video or images. Of this 80 percent, almost half will take some action related to their visit, including researching your company further or purchasing a product.

You don’t have to invest a fortune in production-quality content. Incorporate images of your team members or create a simple video showing a day in the life at your company. Vary the graphics to engage more visitors. Infographics, product photos, designed graphics, and those videos (even those shot from your phone) are all ways to jazz up a web page.

The Secret

When you look at all these conversion rate optimization no-no’s, one theme becomes clear: the best tips on improving your conversion rate center around making the experience enjoyable for the visitor. Think about what you look for, or try to avoid, when visiting a site or landing page. Chances are, many of the above Don’ts have driven you away from a page as well. Steer clear of the same mistakes in developing your own pages.

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