Corporate Express Office Supplies

By Mary Beth Doyle, writer
Aug 01, 2011
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Outfit your business with Corporate Express office supplies

If you’re looking for an easy, one-stop-shop for your company’s supply of office necessities, Corporate Express office supplies might be the way to go.

The company was recently acquired by Staples, one of the world’s largest office product companies. In addition to Corporate Express office supplies, you can find computer supplies, furniture and janitorial supplies on the company’s website.

In order to get the most out of your Corporate Express office supplies purchase, consider the following:

1. Browse a complete Corporate Express office supplies list to ensure you get all the products you need.

2. Create a business account with the company before ordering Corporate Express office supplies.

3. Consider discount office supplies by Corporate Express.

Check out all available Corporate Express office supplies on the company's website

Find Corporate Express office supplies on the company's site that range from pens and pencils to paperclips and post-it notes.

Sign up for a Corporate Express business account for additional services

While gathering Corporate Express office supplies information, consider opening up a Corporate Express business account. You'll be eligible for special services such as a line of credit, special contract pricing and a professional sales team to assist you with office product purchases.

Consider discount Corporate Express office supplies

Corporate Express offers an extensive line of discount supplies for all of its major categories, including Corporate Express office supplies. This is a great way to save money on products you need from a major manufacturer you can also trust.

  • If you prefer to see your Corporate Express office supplies list in hard copy, order a free product catalog on the company's website.
  • All orders of Corporate Express office supplies totalling more than $50 qualify for free shipping, so be sure to bundle product orders to ensure you take advantage of this great money-saving opportunity.
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