Costume Jewelry Industry Overview / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The costume jewelry business produces mass-manufactured cheap, novelty earrings and goes all the way to pricey custom-designed costume ...

The costume jewelry business produces mass-manufactured cheap, novelty earrings and goes all the way to pricey custom-designed costume jewelry, that can be worn to a presidential inauguration. There are 655 costume jewelry manufacturers in the US. China owns 50% of the costume jewelry market worldwide, which accounts for the lowered earnings experienced by US costume jewelry manufacturers.

Costume jewelry is categorized by the US government as "Costume Jewelry and Novelty Manufacturing." Costume jewelry supplies include semiprecious stones, precious metals, fabricated metals, pins and backings for its manufacturing process.

1. Costume jewelry manufacturers can be a one-designer shop as well as name-brand manufacturers with large markets such as Monet.

2. Costume jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pins, cuff links and and tie clasps.

3. The costume jewelry business places products in department stores, novelty shops, TV and internet shopping sources and small establishments such as hotel shops, card shops and dress shops.

Get the overview on the costume jewelry industry

A costume jewelry industry overview requires looking at the facts and getting acquainted with the costume jewelry industry as a whole. It also helps see the products. Going to a costume jewelry trade show is important, too.
US Census report gives you the number and location of US costume jewelry manufacturers; (scroll down to 339914); it breaks down figures for monies paid for supplies, staff and final earnings. It's a bird's eye view of the market. International Fashion is non-profit trade organization that produces trade shows for costume jewelery companies. It is good resource for contact information on costume jewelry designers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

Discover some of the big costume jewelry wholesalers

Wholesale costume jewelry comes in all stripes. There are different markets and niches.

Search for costume jewelry supplies

A costume jewelry manufacturer needs supplies to create jewelry. Gem stones are usually imported from China. But there are other American products that are used by fashion costume jewelry manufacturers.
  • A costume jewelry industry overview includes marketing techniques, product placements and other traditional forms of advertising. Where costume jewelry is positioned in a store or if it's used on the outfit of a mannequin can influence sales. Trends and fads are another influence on the costume jewelry industry. Talking to store buyers can be a help in that regard.

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