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There are great business opportunities found in the costume jewelry industry. Costume jewelry appeals to buyers because they can buy ...

There are great business opportunities found in the costume jewelry industry. Costume jewelry appeals to buyers because they can buy trendy jewelry pieces that resemble the real thing.

The key to success in the costume jewelry industry is to network and offer desirable pieces to your clients. If you fail to stay on top of jewelry buying trends, your business will go under very quickly.

To launch your business, contact costume jewelry manufacturers and order costume jewelry supplies. Keep the following in mind before you start a costume jewelry business:

1. Decide on the pieces that you wish to carry. You want to choose between either cheaper costume jewelry or the more expensive replica and vintage costume jewelry designs.
2. Place a sample order for your costume jewelry business. You do not want to sell jewelry that you have never seen in person.
3. Choose a reliable costume jewelry manufacturer. You need to depend on this company to meet the needs and demands of your client base.
4. Purchase wholesale costume jewelry to make the most money from your business endeavor. You should never pay retail for any of your costume jewelry supplies. Work with a vendor to buy wholesale costume jewelry.

Order costume jewelry pieces based on current buying trends

When you keep up to date on jewelry trends, then you'll have a better idea of what pieces will sell. Ask costume jewelry manufacturers to give you sales figures to guide you in your purchases.

Buy samples from costume jewelry manufacturers before placing your initial order

You need to invest in several different costume jewelry samples before you place your first orders through your supplier. You can use the samples to show to clients as well as to check the quality of the merchandise that you are investing in.

Choose the costume jewelry wholesalers that give you the best price

If you like the samples that you have seen, work with a wholesale supplier of costume jewelry to get you a good price on their products. For wholesale distribution, you'll get a discount on bulk costume jewelry orders.

Purchase custom costume jewelry after your initial launch

After you have built a client base, consider adding more selections to your inventory. Many customers may wish to add custom and vintage costume jewelry pieces to their collection. Provide them with this option at an additional fee.

  • You need to set up your costume jewelry business to be operational before placing your initial orders. Print out order forms, get business cards and set up a promotional website.

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