Building a Business: How to Create a Sales Organization That’s Built to Sell / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

A sales organization that is built to sell must have managers that get heavily involved with the sales process.

Some sales organizations have poor performances, and others produce great results time and time again.

Does it boil down to the products or services that are being sold? Is it down to the techniques that are used?

These are things that sales managers need to take a hard look at.

To create a sales organization that is built to sell, managers must get heavily involved with the sales process to determine what courses of action they need to take, in order to drive success.

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A sales force is predominately built on the capabilities of the managers that are in charge.

Supervisors play key roles in influencing sales performances, but they have a solid foundation and strategy in place to be able to do it effectively.

Furthermore, managers have the ability to retain or let go of employees to ensure their sales force is performing all delegated tasks effectively. 

Engage Sales Representatives for Overall Better Performances

Building your company to sell can be easy if you understand how to utilize your sales staff in the correct way.

Sales representatives must be in a positive frame of mind to achieve good results.

If sales representatives feel positive, then they will become engaged in the process.

Statistics will show that engaged sales reps sell more than their counterparts, stay with their employers for lengthy periods of time, and generate customer loyalty much more often than those who are unengaged.

They are much more productive if they are engaged. It is important for sales leaders to motivate their sales teams to get great results.

Try consulting a motivational speaker to improve your sales forces levels of motivation and inspire your team to do better on a regular basis.

You can also read a motivational blog and send your team the articles to help them come up with new ways to stay motivated. 

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Training is a Critical Part of Great Sales Performances 

Managers can have great talent, but if they lack proper training, skills, and awareness, then they will probably get bad results.

Sales teams need competent leaders in order to thrive.

They can have the best intentions in the world, but if they don’t know how to create effective sales strategies that will build their teams up, then it is a wasted effort.

Many sales professionals get no training at all. They have to learn things on their own, and this is really bad for sales numbers.

When compared to those who received proper training, trained individuals have up to 60% better sales performances than those who don’t have any sort of training.

Training is a must to create organizations that can sell. Try consulting a sales coach to increase your sales forces competence on a regular basis.

Engaging & Motivating Your Sales Staff

By engaging your sales reps in regular training, motivating them in unique ways and keeping them engaged you are on your way to building a sales team that is built to sell.

Engaging your team in monthly book readings you can also keep them educated on the latest happenings in the world of sales, specifically in your industry.

You can also have monthly book readings that inspire, train or motivate your sales team to do better.

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A manager is ultimately responsible for keeping the team on track, delegating reasonable tasks, motivating them and providing them with rewards and incentives to look forward to.

Without this dedicated manager that can focus on the sales process and sales team, your team will suffer.

Make sure you are delegating managers that are up to the task.

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