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5 Ways to Create Effective Lead Magnets

Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi

Lead magnets can help you exponentially grow your sales, subscriptions, and on-site engagement.

Do you want to generate more leads for your business? If so, lead magnets are an excellent solution that can help you build your email list, secure more sales, and keep your customers engaged. 

Essentially, lead magnets are offers made by marketing teams that reward consumers for connecting through email or social media. The incentives can range from exclusive content to the chance to enter an event, such as a giveaway. 

The most important thing to remember about lead magnets is they generally don't have a cost, except for information. So, if someone is interested in your brand, but not willing to pull out their credit card, they can subscribe using their email address and find out if they think your company is worth their time. 

There's no doubt that lead magnets can help you exponentially grow your sales, subscriptions, and on-site engagement. But getting started isn't always easy. Today we will look at five tips you can use to create highly effective lead magnets for your business. 

Research and develop customer avatars 

Before you can make a magnet, you should have a good understanding of your target audience. You can't create an irresistible offer if you know next to nothing about the people visiting your website. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to build customer avatars, which are also known as customer personas. These profiles are designed to give business owners an overview of their customer segments. You can see what topics interest your audience, and use that information to entice people to sign up through your lead magnet. 

Segmenting your audience can double your email click-through rate. Why? Customers are more likely to open your emails if they are relevant to their lives. 

You can learn about your audience by adding surveys to your site, reviewing your Google Analytics data, or by practicing social listening on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to what customers and prospects cite as their key pain points and goals. Use what you've learned to build profiles that summarize the people that visit your website the most. Once you've gathered several accurate customer personas, it's time to move on to the next step. 

Create an irresistible value proposition

All successful lead magnets have an irresistible value proposition. You have to show consumers that subscribing to your email list is a smart choice. The best way to do this is by creating an offer that provides tangible value for your audience. When people see that businesses are willing to help, even without securing a sale, it instantly makes a company more likable. 

For instance, a sporting goods company may listen to customer feedback to see what sports are underrepresented in their product catalog and blog. If soccer is the topic that keeps coming up, you can bet that you'll get more people to subscribe if you make an ultimate soccer guide lead magnet and offer a new collection of gear.

If someone is looking for new soccer gear, they are likely to remember the guide they grabbed from your website. Consequently, they are also willing to come and see what kind of products you have available. 

The rapport built from the previous exchange led to a sale, but none of that would have been possible without first creating a value proposition. 

Think carefully about your target audience’s desires and use that information to create compelling ebooks, checklists, video guides, and similar content. 

Show social proof 

There's a good chance that the people looking at your lead magnet for the first time are new to your site. Because this is a new experience for them, they may question the validity of your lead magnet and brand as a whole. 

Displaying social proof on the same page as your lead magnet opt-in form is a great way to secure more leads. Instead of wondering if the company they are looking at is reputable, and doing other searches off-site, you can instill confidence in their decision on the same page. 

Social proof comes in many forms, and it's up to you to pick the right type for your lead magnet page. Some businesses show how many people have subscribed in the past. For example, people are more likely to download your lead magnet if they see, "Join 200,000 others getting our hottest blog posts delivered!" 

The 200,000 figure instills confidence and builds social proof because it shows that other people are interested in what you're offering. Always use accurate representations of your numbers when displaying these statistics. If your numbers are not high enough to warrant social proof, don't worry, there are other solutions. 

Include testimonials from previous customers so they can see what other people are saying about your company. The best part about this social proof hack is you don't need to have a whole page of testimonials. A handful of powerful reviews can be just as effective as a hundred generic testimonials. 

Master your call-to-action

At this point, you understand your audience, have a clear value proposition, and have effectively added social proof to your lead magnet, so what's next? You're going to have a hard time generating leads with your magnet if you don’t master your call-to-action (CTA). 

CTAs are what users will click when they decide to follow through and subscribe. You have to get this part right, because failure to entice users to click through could result in them bouncing from your website, never to return. 

It may seem simple, but your CTA needs to sound actionable to users. The top four calls-to-action are "click here," "download," "go," and "register." You'll notice that all 4 inspire users to take the next step. They are actionable and pique interest in people can genuinely benefit from the lead magnet you’re offering. 

If you want to improve your results, try split testing your CTA text and color. Split testing, also known as a/b testing, is a strategy where you change specific elements about a piece of your website and test it on your users. After measuring the results, you determine if the change was positive or negative. The key is gradual improvement.

Use a thank you page to set expectations 

Finally, we recommend always showing your customers a thank you page when they click on your lead magnet. Imagine downloading a video guide from a marketing website. How would you feel if after you clicked the CTA, the page simply reloaded? There's no download box, confirmation email, or thank you page. 

You would probably feel uneasy about your decision. You don't want to put customers in this situation. Creating a thank you page that sets expectations can go a long way towards improving your relationship with your audience. 

When you tell users what to expect next, they have a clear sense of direction and will usually follow through -- providing you deliver on your lead magnet. 

Also, you'll have the benefit of building rapport by personally thanking every customer that downloads your offer. This seemingly small step will help you build rapport, which leads to customer loyalty and more sales. 

Building a lead magnet takes plenty of time, research, and effort. But if you hope to sell your product to a broad audience, you have to get people invested in your company before they ever make a purchase. 

Lead magnets help you connect with potential customers and nurture them by sending helpful content that tackles pain points and brings them one step closer to reaching their goal. Creating lead magnets for your business is a must if you hope to expand your audience while consistently increasing your sales and website traffic. 

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