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Automotive CRM software, or customer relationship management software, helps dealers maintain good standing with their clients ...

Automotive CRM software, or customer relationship management software, helps dealers maintain good standing with their clients throughout the long life cycle of a car. Some dealers think they have the customer angle covered with dealer inventory management software, but that's not the case - inventory software tracks parts, not people. Though inventory software can help you give better service, it does not record how you've reached out to your customers, or when they've contacted you.

Good automotive CRM software pays for itself. Happy customers frequent their dealer for repairs and subsequent car purchases. Implementing car industry CRM software, however, is no walk in the park. Once you choose the right program, you'll need to get staff buy-in to make it work. You'll also need to manage the technical aspects. Here are some CRM software for the automotive industry news and trends that can help you get it done:

1. News outlets that follow trends in car deal CRM.

2. Product reviews and buyer guides to help you find the right automotive CRM solutions for your business.

3. CRM software forums where experts and fellow users can recommend best practices and troubleshoot.

Read news targeted to automotive CRM

Though there are endless resources that discuss CRM software and practices in general, there are only a few that target their coverage to automotive CRM. You can find trend pieces and reports on major happenings in auto CRM in business, automotive and CRM news outlets.

Get CRM comparisons to find the best software program for your dealership

It's important to stay on top of developments in auto CRM programs so you know what features to look for when choosing a software solution. Of course, you'll also want to read the latest product reviews to get an independent perspective on usability.

Check out forums to learn how your peers use CRM in automotive industry practices

As you're implementing and running CRM software, you're bound to run into challenges, whether they involve getting staff buy-in or just making sure the program functions properly. To ask questions and get opinions from your peers in the auto dealer industry, you can turn to CRM forums.

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