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Our free whitepaper provides insights into the latest CRM systems to help you manage new and existing customers.

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“Our customers’ needs are the top priority for our small business”. This commonplace mantra is repeatedly claimed, however often times the infrastructure of many startups reflect the opposite. Customer information is scribbled down on lunch-stained napkins and misplaced by Friday. Potential leads are lost in the pipeline and deals are kissed goodbye each quarter because vital buyer information goes unshared between the members of your sales team. Customer facing team members devote more time to administrative tasks than developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients- all actions speaking louder than well-intentioned words.

Unfortunately, many small businesses wholeheartedly believe these poor customer management procedures develop because they can’t afford a high-quality integrated CRM system.

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In this whitepaper, we’ll reveal the affordability and necessity of investing in a CRM system for those on a small-business budget. You’ll be walked through the basics of a CRM system, how you can optimize your lead generation process with an affordable version, and how to improve existing customer relationships. Put your money where your mouth is and develop a streamlined customer management process with a CRM system. And luckily for startups, feasible customer relationship management isn’t only for large enterprises.

Download the whitepaper and discover how you can manage your clientele like the big leagues.

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  • How many SMBs still handle customer information manually
  • What spinoff systems like CXM do for your business
  • Methods to efficiently utilize CRM tools
  • Affordable CRM systems for small budgets
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