Customer Relationships Rule at the Sales and Performance Marketing Summit / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017 just wrapped up its second annual Sales and Performance Marketing Summit. After a year of change and growth, customer... just wrapped up its second annual Sales and Performance Marketing Summit, where sales and performance marketing teams have the opportunity to learn from each other and bring in outside industry experts to share valuable insights.

The BDC sales summit also gives the sales team the opportunity to get off the phones for a day, connect with leadership and management, and swap success stories and areas of opportunity, which contributes to the overall success of the team.

After a year of major changes and growth at, this year's focus was on improving processes and educating the teams on how the new site will provide more support to our current and future customers.

We had a chance to sit down with Joe Biancamano, Sales Director at, to ask him about his experience at this year's Sales and Performance Marketing Summit. Joe shared his thoughts on major changes in the digital marketing space and how is leveraging those changes to better serve customers.

BDC: The focus of last year's Sales and Performance Marketing Summit was on learning -- from internal and external sources. What was different this year?

Joe: Not a lot changed from a format perspective, these summits are always focused around learning and educating our customer facing teams. We learn from product owners in the company, as well as from each other. Where we are now as a company, when compared to a year ago, has changed significantly and it's exciting. Much of the focus this year was around new products and processes that support the implementation of those products. With the launch of the new site, and so much focus around content and audience engagement, there was a desire from everyone, including myself, to learn more about how many of these enhancements were going to provide our current and future advertisers.

BDC: There were several sessions scheduled over the two days. Tell me more about the business online session. Who came in to conduct that, what did they talk about, and what did the team learn?

Joe: Rachel Ready, who is the Director of Integrated Strategy at Business Online (BOL) in downtown San Diego, came in to speak with the Summit attendees as well as anyone else that wanted to attend. She spoke about what BOL was up to, what is happening in the crazy world of a digital ad agency these days, and to just talk shop with the group. She is fantastic and great to be around, very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I know I learned a ton, but I also know the group realized there are a lot of similarities to what BOL works on day-to-day that align with our daily interactions with clients. There was great conversation around the needs of the agency when working with the companies such as, and what key items they are looking to communicate back to the client.

BDC: What were this year's key customer insights? How do you apply them to the business?

Joe: The biggest insight for everyone was how the new site gives us the ability to provide a solution at every stage of the buyer's journey. More importantly, we no longer have to rely on what a client has from an asset or creative standpoint --we can create that for them. We have truly become a full solution provider and it's exciting from a sales standpoint. Our approach is seamless as we are able to provide a fully custom digital marketing solution towards every advertiser we work with.

BDC: What were some of the biggest success stories this year? What does it say about the strengths of the BDC sales team?

Joe: The sales team has demonstrated resiliency as we have put them through all the product and process changes/additions over the past year. They have not only adapted, but have pushed forward and away from the a la carte sale and focused on selling the solution because they know that it is in the best interest for the client. We continue to grow as a team, both in numbers and knowledge. I know I speak on behalf of the entire team when I say it's exciting to now have a site that really showcases the integration and performance between all the products we have to offer.

BDC: What are the key areas of opportunity? How are you approaching challenges?

Joe: The biggest area of opportunity right now is to truly throttle up on the client interaction. This is for both phone and in-person meetings. We have a prime product to sell right now and we need to be getting it out there as much as we possibly can. As a sales team, we must meet on a regular basis to assure we are all collectively focused on a very robust prospect list and pipeline. We are aggressive with every question, and we are answering with the confidence that it is in the best interest of performance and delivery.

BDC: What was your biggest personal takeaway?

Joe: Right now as a company and, most importantly, as a sales team it's ABT -- Always Be Training. It is so important to be training new and existing account executives as our industry and company is evolving so quickly. To see our two new guys Josh and Trevor interact with the team and pick up on the important items that are going to earn them instant success is fantastic. I have high hopes for the team I have and the team I continue to build. We have head count open to fill and we are getting some great talent reaching out and wanting to be part of what we are doing and building.

BDC: Can you share some best practices in digital and performance marketing?

Joe: Advertisers need to invest more in digital solutions instead of al la carte product purchases. It is far better to integrate digital marketing solutions together to assure the highest quality performance you are aiming for. It doesn't mean you have to stray from your end goal or KPI, instead combining solutions assures you are getting your brand, products and services in front of those qualified buyers at every possible moment you can to gain their interest. Marketing complexity is a common theme we see every day as we talk with advertisers and the agencies that represent these brands. BDC takes the complexity out of it and makes digital marketing easy.

BDC: When you think about the results of the sales summit and the future of BDC, what are you most excited about?

Joe: Plain and simple, we are in a place right now to significantly grow. All the hard work over the past year and a half has provided us digital marketing solutions and a platform that we are all proud and excited about. Now it is time to talk it up and show advertisers how we can perform and exceed goals against their KPI's. I am also very excited to operate with a client-centered focus. It is time to make relationships a priority. Really getting to know our clients and potential clients will be what sets BDC apart from the rest. Through building relationships with our clientele, we will be able to tailor marketing solutions that will far exceed the competition and the client's expectations.

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