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6 Ways Concierge Services Can Still Help Business Travelers (Even in the Age of Smartphones)

Dan Scalco
Dan Scalco

Traveling for business? Here's why you may want to invest in a concierge service.

From booking hotels and flights online to searching for directions to the nearest coffee shop while standing on an unfamiliar street, technology continues to revolutionize the way we travel. But most smartphone apps and internet resources are geared toward leisure travelers, not business travelers — and the needs of these two groups vary greatly.

Business travelers can benefit from more customized service. And that’s where concierge services come in. Here’s how these types of companies can positively impact any business trip.

1. Reduced reliance on hotels

Research shows business travelers are increasingly foregoing hotels in favor of alternative accommodations such as AirBnB. This can reduce travel costs or improve personal comfort. But it comes at the sacrifice of many services traditionally associated with hotels — including concierge services. Enter independent concierge services. Companies such as California Concierge in LA or Master the Time Concierge in Boston allow business travelers to benefit from these services without ever stepping foot in a hotel.

Of course, hotel concierge services are valuable, too. But the diversification of the concierge industry means business travelers can benefit from personal service, no matter where they book their accommodations. 

2. Easier decision making

When your smartphone presents you with 1,000 options for lunch or dinner spots, this can be more overwhelming than it is helpful. Efficiency is always the name of the game when you're traveling for business, and concierge services can help you cut through the wheat to the chaff. You can tell them exactly what you need, and they can provide you with a few tailored recommendations. This will significantly reduce decision fatigue (and help ensure you don’t spend 30 minutes walking to a lunch place that shut down three months ago).

3. Improved productivity

Small details such as finding transportation to your hotel, locating a place to store your luggage during day trips, and booking visits to popular attractions to fill your spare time can easily dilute your focus on work during your business travels. By tending to the non-business-related details of your trip, concierge services can free up your time and energy allowing you to stay focused. That means you’ll stay on schedule and improve your productivity without sacrificing any part of your trip.

4. Greater peace of mind

Delegating the details of a trip to a concierge service means you won’t have to worry about every single aspect of your travel. This is doubly true when the people you’re delegating to have in-depth knowledge of the city in which you’re traveling. Knowing the details of your trip are in the hands of very capable people will reduce your stress and contribute to greater peace of mind. Ditto if you need to make an unusual request. You might not know where to track down the perfect gift for a client at the drop of a hat, but your concierge most definitely will.

5. Smoother arrivals

Studies have found that if business travelers could improve one thing about their travel experience, it would be to expedite the arrival process. Factors include locating transportation to their hotels and avoiding traffic jams on the way to their accommodations. Taxis, subways and even hotel-run shuttles are notoriously unreliable. Look for concierge services such as NYC’s City CoPilot. They provide on-demand services such as luggage storage for early morning meetings and even last-minute airport transportation. They’re also able to tailor their transportation to your individual needs — no matter the time of day, whether you’re traveling alone or with colleagues.

6. A touch of luxury

Business travel may not be as enjoyable as traveling for pleasure, but that doesn’t mean it has to be totally miserable. Utilizing concierge services can add a touch of luxury to even the most mundane business trip. And that can give you the mental boost you need to nail a presentation or land a new client. These benefits prove concierge services are still valuable to business travelers — even in a digital world. In fact prompt, personalized service is now more valuable than ever.

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Dan Scalco
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