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Understanding dehumidity control information can get complicated. The bottom line is this: there are a number of ways to ensure ...

Understanding dehumidity control information can get complicated. The bottom line is this: there are a number of ways to ensure dehumidity control in your workplace. Dehumidifiers are rated according to the number of pints of water removed during a 24-hour period.

Dehumidity control comes in the form of gauges that measure the relative humidity (the percent of water vapor in the air in relation to the amount it can hold at a given temperature). Consider the following for proper dehumidity control, and to ensure your dehumidifier is removing the appropriate pints of water critical to attain proper humidity levels.

1. Is the dehumidifier the right size for your room?

2. What kind of dehumidity control works best for you?

3. Does your business require a special type of dehumidifier control device?

Achieve dehumidity control by verifying your area's square footage

An easy first step to find dehumidity control percentages is to calculate the square footage of your room. Most dehumidifiers list the square footage area for which their model is designed.

Select a dehumidity control apparatus that works for you

Many dehumidifiers use electronic or digital controls. Electronic controls allow you to select a range in humidity level, while digital controls let you program a definite target relative humidity.

Determine if you have special circumstances requiring additional dehumidity control

Depending on what is housed in your room (i.e. telecommunications or silk screening equipment), you may need a lower level humidity percentage. Acceptable humidity levels for your home are 30-50%. Specialty products or machinery require significantly lower levels. If this sounds like your business, make sure your dehumidity control provider can offer products to read humidity levels for specialty items.
  • A timer can save money by allowing you to set the dehumidity control unit to run overnight during cheaper, off-peak electricity hours.
  • High relative humidity levels can cause irreparable damage to sensitive equipment. Electronics in particular often show no visual sign of moisture damage as a result of faulty packaging. Humidity Indicator Cards are small paper instruments that measure the relative humidity within a sealed package.

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