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Develop Quality Leads Using These 12 Tools and Tricks

Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber

There are lots of strategies for developing quality leads. These 12 will get you started.

When you establish your marketing strategy, it involves deciding what kind of audience you intend to reach. And even after you make this decision, you still have to figure out how you're going to reach out to your niche.

LinkedIn is an excellent channel for establishing business-to-business connections, as are strategic partnerships with influencers. Facebook and other social media sites have their draws, thanks to heavy traffic. Even trade shows and side projects can engage clients.

So what other lead generation tools and techniques should you look into to develop quality leads, ones with higher conversion rates? Below, 12 members from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share their suggestions:

1. Social Media 

"Social media works, if used correctly. If you deliver quality content and engage in thoughtful conversation with other users online, you'll see more conversations happening. It's from these likeminded posts that people get to know about your work and how you work. And don't be afraid to advertise! Don't be afraid to do paid advertisements on your social channels." – Andrew Namminga, Andesign

2. LinkedIn's Sales Navigator 

"We are mainly a B2B company, and all of our customers are on LinkedIn. We use LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to target companies and decision-makers by industry, size and geolocation to create correct sample files for lead generation. LinkedIn is more accurate than any other system when it comes to finding contacts for B2B marketing, and it works price wise as well, as it is under $100 a month." – Piyush Jain, Simpalm

3. PopupAlly Pro and the Login Optin Strategy 

"One extremely effective way to bring in the right leads is by pairing the Login Optin Strategy with a high-quality lead-gen tool like PopupAlly Pro. This works when you offer a free course as an opt-in gift, which enhances the overall experience your new subscribers have with you as well as their commitment to revisiting the course content as it's released to them. It's definitely a powerful method." – Nathalie Lussier, AmbitionAlly

4. ZenProspect with Facebook Custom Audiences 

"For B2B products and services with a relatively high average customer value, an effective tool is Facebook Custom Audiences. The key is creating an appropriately targeted audience, which you do by buying email addresses from ZenProspect. Concretely, you'd use ZenProspect to export leads for your buyer personas, create a Facebook custom audience and then serve in-feed ads for a landing page." –Ashish Datta, Setfive Consulting

5. Google's Keyword Planner 

"Lead generation tools work well, as long as your website is receiving consistent traffic. Research keywords using Google's Keyword Planner in AdSense, then optimize for those keywords in your content and blog title. Once the customer finds your site through search, make it easy for them to opt in to your email list using exit-intent technology and nonintrusive popups." – Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster

6. Ebooks and webinars 

"I write smaller ebooks that I offer freely in exchange for information. Online webinars are also available for free on my websites. This high-quality content not only adds value to my website for search engines, it incentivizes clients and customers to explore paid seminars and longer-form books. I do not ask for more information than an email and offer paid products at checkout." – Matthew CapalaSearch Decoder

7. SalesLoft 

"SalesLoft has offered the best solution for lead generation, which has directly correlated to increased revenue and growth as we expand to B2B. Data drives all of our decisions, so the very clean and efficient data dashboards allow us to see which cadences create the highest conversion rates. It's a game-changing tool for my company." – Jen Mellon, Trustify

8. Unbounce 

"Unbounce is a great tool for creating gorgeous landing pages that webmasters can link directly to from their sites. Customized landing pages are a great lead-generation strategy for paid and organic search. Unbounce Convertables is a great tool for inserting call-to-action overlays on any webpage or online store that can be customized for nearly any lead type and intent." – Kristopher Jones,

9. Side projects 

"I'm a big fan of building side projects that provide value to your audience. Come up with a good call to action to convert visitors to capture leads. Many great companies consistently put out these kinds of projects for lead generation." – Ben Lang, Spoke

10. Postlead 

"Postlead is a great lead-generating system that combines the success of electronic and regular postal mail. I'm able to send out a mass mailing via postcard with the ability to attach a message that leads to a personalized video message on my website. Later, I'm able to see exactly who's interested in my products enough to view the message." – Patrick BarnhillSpecialist ID Inc.

11. Strategic partnerships 

"For our B2B business, we've found a lot of success with strategic partnerships. The leads that come in through niche review sites are all qualified, since they opted in from an industry-specific website. Influencers and thought leaders carry a lot of weight with consumers, and having a positive relationship with these people puts your brand in a great position for quality leads!" – Suneera Madhani, Fattmerchant

12. Trade shows 

"Given that our product caters to a very hands-on industry – construction and infrastructure personnel – we've found that trade shows are the largest driver of high-quality leads. Trade shows allow us to provide a personal touch where we can interact with prospects and demonstrate how our product works. These interactions have proven to build relationships and drive leads of quality versus quantity." – George White, Pavia Systems

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Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber Member
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