Digital Marketing Trailblazers: Who's Changing Our World? / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The media world is changing, and faster than ever before and these 3 organizations are leading the way. What can you learn?

The media of the world is changing, faster than ever before. 

The ways in which information is being presented, shared, and gathered, are transforming every time we open our computer, turn on the TV, or even go outside. 

Digital marketing is changing the way we observe data, determine facts, and make decisions.  It’s a huge part of our everyday lives – whether or not we consciously recognize it.

From the moment we enter a department store to buy clothes, to when we are sitting on the couch choosing which TV show to watch, and at the grocery store deciding which cereal to buy – digital marketing is a prevalent part of our daily lives and guides many of our interactions.  

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Many of the impacts of digital market influence us without us consciously knowing.  The way that a web page or ad makes us feel, for example, can influence our behavior more than we realize.

For businesses, digital marketing is transforming the scope of their success (for better or worse.) For companies, this can mean an increase in transparency and a smoother process of relaying and displaying information. For those who have messages, thoughts, or opinions, it has never been easier to share these ideas with the world, and to present the in an easily digestible fashion.

However, as more and more people and organizations are taking advantage of the elevated presence of digital media and marketing, the digital space is becoming more and more crowded.  Thus, getting your message out there and noticed through digital media isn’t as simple as it once was.  There are many players on the field, all who are competing for that same ad space, or for that same viewer.

To be effective in the digital world now requires tools to separate one’s self from the rest of the pack. Until recently these tools had consisted primarily of money, press, and reputation. However, as digital media has established an elevated presence in society, additional resources have formed around it. Groups are now offering service to provide digital marketing strategies, mentorship, and outsourcing services. 

Three organizations are standing out in the industry:

1. Tribeca Flashpoint College

This private institution located in downtown Chicago is pioneering the way that students and young adults learn, adapt, and deploy digital media technology. Specializing in the arts, media, and communications, Tribeca Flashpoint College grants associate’s and bachelor’s degrees to their graduates, many of whom are creative artists and media entrepreneurs. By recognizing the increase in digital media in the market, Tribeca aims to properly equip its students to be successful in the work world, in areas ranging from animation, design, film, and audio engineering.

One thing that makes Tribeca a unique is that they are industry-focused. All components of the institution are tied directly to an industry source.  Many of the professors, for example, are current or former industry professionals in their field. This background benefits the students not just indirectly (from information passed along by professors,) but also directly – the school helps its students network with industry professionals.

Tribeca students have the opportunity to bring their ideas to a real audience and watch them come to life. In doing so, the students have numerous opportunities to meet employers and other professionals in their field. Part of how Tribeca is able to harness and develop these connections is by enforcing a small class size. In doing so, they guarantee that each student gets the attention they need.  With the smaller class size comes additional mentorship, as well.

2. 360i

While Tribeca is focusing on growing talent in the industry, other companies are expanding in their own way. 360i, a digital agency that specializes in marketing, is making new waves in the field. With a particular focus on social media, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, and web design, 360i offers a plethora of different e-marketing services and strategies.  It cultivates innovation and provides clients with a brand new stream of marketing outlets.  One of their most interesting and effective features is their analytics and measurement tool that enables users to view and record the exposure and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

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3. Zog Digital

When it comes to visibility, Zog Digital has renovated procedures that other marketing companies have implemented for spreading content.  Zog is revenue focused, with marketing tactics that aim to result in increased engagement and profit.   The platform offers a versatile array of different services, including responsive web design (so that users can develop better user experience,) mobile optimization, and improved SEO. 

For a cost-effective, flexible performance option, Zog offers users multiple different options. One of the components that has separated Zog from the crowd is their keyword revenue forecasting.  The company offers proprietary technology that assists their procedures of predicting search traffic and income while simultaneously letting clients know which marketing strategies will be most effective.

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