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If you’re planning to retail digital video recorders, then you need to learn as much about them as possible. Digital video ...

If you’re planning to retail digital video recorders, then you need to learn as much about them as possible. Digital video recorders have paved the way to easily record television programs while also having the ability to pause and rewind live TV.

When you’re gathering DVR information, you’ll want to look at the latest features offered by the top selling models. For example, high definition digital video recorders have been flying off the shelves, due to their ability to record hours worth of high definition programming.

1. Find out information on DVRs. You’ll want to look at the service plans available as well as the different broadcasting options. Most TV digital video recorders work with cable or over-the-air analog (NTSC) and digital (ATSC) broadcasts.

2. Look at the newest advances in DVR technology. New models include digital video recorders with CCTV, high definition programming options and dual tuners.

3. Get the best selling DVR recorders. If you’re planning to retail the DVRs, you’ll want to stock up on the models that sell well. Get DVR info on models from TiVo, Scientific Atlantic, Motorola and Hughes.

Read the latest DVR information

Retailers along with consumers need to know about the current products on the market. You'll want to read reviews of digital video recorders as well as compare the different hard drives and recording capacity of each model.

Purchase the top selling DVR brands

If you're planning to sell DVR recorders, then you want to buy from the top manufacturers. Look to name brand companies that work with multiple satellite and cable TV providers.

Offer video digital recorders with the newest features

Besides high definition digital video recorders, you can find other new types of DVRs. You may want to consider selling surveillance digital video recorders as well to your clients.
  • Many cable and satellite TV companies rent or sell DVRs to customers as part of their subscription package. Time Warner, Comcast, DISH Network and DirecTv all have DVR models available to offer customers.

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