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Do You Hear What Your Customers Are Saying?

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

If your business is to succeed you can bet Customer Service is on your mind. What better way is there to assess how you're doing than to ask your customers?

Asking people for their feedback makes them feel as if their opinion matters but what you do with that feedback is exceptionally important to you AND your customers! How does your company view customer service? Is it ingrained in the culture? Is it sincere or is it deemed a necessity without a heart? Are you genuinely interested in your customer’s opinions? When you ask for a customer’s opinion are you prepared to take action? Customer service is best appreciated from the perspective of the customer. Here’s a couple of things that may be going through the minds of your customers:

  • Be realistic- I know there are things you can’t do. Don’t try to impress me with showy and unrealistic displays. They say if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Be real is all I ask.
  • Don’t tell me how to think- if you really want my opinion let me give it. Don’t tell me how to respond. When you do it becomes very clear I really don’t matter.
  • If you’re really listening, let me know- when you ask my opinion I figure that you have an interest in what I say. I realize that you can’t act upon every request but if you want my opinion then at least be open to making changes for the better.
  • Be genuine- I’m your customer and I’m very important to your business. Treat me with value, respect and integrity. In return I’ll pledge my loyalty to you. It’s not always about the cost of things. While they say you get what you pay for- I’m also willing to pay for who you are.

The next time you ask your customers for their opinion, ask yourself this: Do I want to hear what they have to say? Am I genuinely prepared to do something with the feedback I receive? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, I imagine you’re enjoying a loyal customer base and all the rewards that go with it. If you answered no to either question (be honest), you might want to do some targeted analysis. After all, can you imagine where you and your business would be without your customers?

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Ed Drozda
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