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Share your thoughts on a subject matter or try and sway opinions by creating or working with a documentary film project. Documentary ...

Share your thoughts on a subject matter or try and sway opinions by creating or working with a documentary film project. Documentary filmmaking is a craft to be taken seriously. Knowing the right places to find films, find gear to make your own films and/or find funding can mean the difference in purchasing or creating a shoddy versus high quality piece of work.

You can easily find the documentary film work of others online, and you can also upload your own work for comment and critique. Exercise your documentary film maker skills, and even consider entering your work in local or national film festivals.

To work or play in the documentary film genre, you should:

1. Determine if you are looking to watch, purchase or create your own documentary film project for your business.

2. Set your budget and decide if you need to find outside funding to create a documentary film.

3. Support the works of other artists by downloading, viewing and reviewing their documentary film pieces. Consider the purchase of documentary films and business documentaries that are on DVD.

Purchase documentary filmmaking tools

Start your documentary filmmaking off right with proper cameras and software. Once you are done, work to burn your masterpiece onto DVD or disseminate it worldwide on the Web.

Download or upload documentary film pieces

Show off your documentary filmmaking skills or download the works of others at free documentary film sites devoted to the support and forwarding of documentary film works.

Support the genre of documentary filmmaking while honing your craft

Support the documentary filmmaking genre and learn new techniques by buying the DVD works of other producers.

Be informed about independent films

Join a documentary film institute or society to network with fellow artists. Go back to school or college for the first time to further your documentary film education. Look for funding for your next documentary and nonfiction film project. Even enter a contest to see how your documentary film maker skills stack up to others.
  • Documentary film production can be accomplished through one camera or many. Work your budget accordingly to rent or purchase gear that will give you a suitable enough quality to match your need.

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