Does Your Website Include a Call-to-Action? 4 Ways to Make It More Effective / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Is your CTA working? Learn how to boost your call-to-action to garner more conversions and customers today.

Businesses put a lot of work into their websites, carefully choosing color and text to ensure maximum impact.

Unfortunately, the days of “brochure sites” are long gone. Today’s customers want something more when they visit a website, whether it’s instant access to the information they need or help with returning a product they’ve purchased.

No matter what needs your business’s website meets, if it doesn’t convert visitors to buyers, you’re missing the mark.

Whether your site inspires guests to visit your store or entices them to click through to look at your newest products, it’s important that it leads to action.

Here are a few ways you can turn your website into a conversion tool.

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Make It Simple

Businesses sometimes get so caught up in conveying a specific message, they make their calls to action too complicated. New visitors to your website likely know very little about your product or service and may not even be sure they’re interested. The best calls-to-action are simple and straightforward, inviting customers to perform some action that will lead to some reward.

This could be a free, no-obligation quote, a discount in exchange for a social media follow, or regular discounts by merely providing an email address.

This post demonstrates the simple use of the “I Want To…” feature, which gives visitors two choices of the action they want to take. It’s simple, with easy-to-read buttons that capture attention as a guest scrolls through your page. Since it has more than one choice, it also captures the different needs of the customers that visit that particular site.

Offer Immediate Action

Whether it’s a project quote or an application that requires approval, letting customers know that they can get an immediate response can make a big difference. It can also help to mention that the offer comes with no obligation. For best results, use words that convey immediacy such as “today” and “now.” Research has shown that words that convey a sense of urgency get better results.

“If you’re promising immediate action, it’s important to provide it,” says insurance executive JD Weisbrot. “Set up auto-responses to form submissions that let customers know how quickly they can expect an answer. If you can’t have someone available 24-hours a day to offer an instant response, simply let them know you’ll respond within one business day or 24 hours, if you have someone replying on weekends.”

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Show, Don’t Tell

Evernote’s design is an example of the power of visuals to take action. If you’re asking customers to complete a form, download your app, or view your latest specials, your landing page should give them a compelling reason to do so. This is your chance to sell customers on what you’re offering, so make the most of every square inch of space.

At the same time, you should try to keep your landing page as simple and clean as possible. Clutter will only confuse visitors, prompting them to leave before taking action. Use visuals to go along with your text, making sure you leave plenty of white space throughout the page. Easy-to-read fonts and short snippets of text will be more likely to engage visitors and lead them to complete whatever action you’re requesting.

Make It Prominent

Studies have revealed that the vast majority of website visitors don’t scroll all the way to the bottom of a page. In fact, many leave a page without scrolling at all.  It may feel natural to first deliver why a consumer should take action, then ask for that action to be taken. However, if consumers never make it past the top of your page, that effort will have been wasted.

For best results, place your call-to-action as prominently on the page as you can. This website places the “Make an Appointment” button at the top of the page, letting visitors know the opportunity to take action is there, even as they read more about the firm’s background and services.

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A business’s website offers the opportunity to win customers and collect information. When placed properly and made easy to follow, your site’s buttons and forms will bring customers to your business, helping you boost your bottom line. Combine this with high-quality, effective web design and your page will connect with customers and bring the results you’ve been hoping to achieve.

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