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Dollar Buy Out Lease for Beginners

Jennifer Ehlenfeldt

Learn the basic terms and information about the dollar buyout lease

Dollar buy out leasing is an option that follows suit with a capital lease agreement. At the end of the capital lease, the lease gives the company the option to purchase the asset for $1. The dollar buyout has its advantages and disadvantages including a higher monthly lease price. Before deciding to go with a dollar buyout lease option, research lease types and their buyout options.

Businesses can purchase assets at the end of the lease in a number of ways including a percent of the purchase with option to buy, fair market value lease buying option and the dollar buyout lease. Each has their own set of standards and advantages depending on your circumstances. A dollar buyout may work well for some equipment such as computers or high-cost industrial machinery, or it may only be an added cost in other situations. Research the dollar buy out lease by:

1. Learning the definition and key terms when dealing with leases in general.

2. Getting information about dollar buy out leases used with different types of assets.

3. Comparing your lease buyout options.

Get a Clear Definition of the Dollar Buy Out Lease as it Compares to Other Lease Terms

Before you decide to go with a dollar buy out, research lease buy out loans terms, capital and operating lease information and how choosing a buyout option will affect your terms and conditions of the lease. Knowing the asset's fair market value and depreciation rate is essential before entering into any lease agreement. 

Get Specific Industry and Asset Dollar Buy Out Lease for Beginners Information

There are many types of dollar buyout options for different products. Learn specific terms by doing some industry-specific lease research. A dollar buyout option on a computer network won't be the same as a dollar option on a backhoe. Make sure you understand the basic terminology, and then research the specific trends and information as it pertains to the asset you are leasing.

Compare the Dollar Buy Out Lease with Other Buy Out Options

There are several lease buyout loans and options from which to choose when leasing assets. Choosing between a fair market value buyout, percentage option or dollar buy out can be a difficult choice without a basic knowledge of each. Get a good understanding of how each works so you can choose the most affordable, workable option for your business.

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Jennifer Ehlenfeldt