Don't Be Spastic with Plastic: Why SMBs Should Accept Credit Cards / Financial Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

New technologies are making it easier and affordable to include credit card payments. Download our infographic and boost your bottom line.

Download Infographic

There’s still an unfortunate amount of small businesses losing potential revenue from plastic-handling customers each year. In our newly released infographic, you’ll discover the whopping percentage of businesses that don’t accept credit cards and the annual amount of revenue they could easily gain through the painless adoption of a payment processing system.

With 66% of in-person transactions completed with the use of a credit card, small businesses need to start accepting the necessity of a payment processing system. With new and affordable technologies available, the benefits of accepting credit cards are now outweighing the costs. Download our free infographic and discover how credit cards can increase your bottom line.

Download the Infographic Below and Discover:

  • How credit cards can increase your bottom line
  • Which age groups use credit cards more than cash
  • How much credit cards increase the average order size
  • Which two credit card companies lead the pack
Download Infographic

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