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Dude, Where's My Energy?

Business.com / Careers / Last Modified: January 24, 2018

"Alternative energy" is an inside job. The more we perceive ourselves as cells in the body of Earth, the greater our opportunity for creating elegant solutions to all global challenges. How might we get there?

Are you exhausted, stressed, tethered to technology as if you're part Borg? Welcome to the club.

The energy crisis in our outer environment reflects our inner depletion: we scan news about climate change on our smartphones, sipping a pumpkin spice latte made with coffee beans from a rapidly vanishing rainforest, while stuck in traffic behind the wheel of an SUV.

But it's unfair to tar everyone with the same brush (to use a macadam metaphor). Half of today's Millennials don't even bother to get their driver's license by age 18 and many don't want to get behind the wheel at all! Social media has replaced the car culture of yesteryear.

A Crisis of Mind and Spirit

Yet the car-detached may be exchanging one energetic fuel for another. Cars and cell phones each have the power to hold us in thrall, the latter in a sensory shutdown once pinned exclusively on TV that now extends to laptops, tablets, smartphones, and every other form of technological yoke. The yoke's on us.

Shamanic healer, visual artist and author Itzhak Beery writes, "I am concerned human beings are becoming handicapped, dependent, and apathetic as we trade in our birthright sensual gifts and abilities for the gifts of technology."

We're anesthetized against an undefined yearning, what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called, "almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision." Note how both Beery and Teilhard use the word "sensual" to describe living as a human being: being in our senses, all six of them.

"Alternative energy" is thus an inside job. The more we can see ourselves as cells in the body of Gaia (Mother Earth), the greater the opportunity we seed for creating elegant solutions to all our global challenges. How might we get there?

Becoming Eco-lutionaries

Visionary author and teacher Barbara Hand Clow suggests meditating on our glands. Source an image of your pineal or pituitary gland on that ubiquitous phone, then turn the phone off, go into silence and move your awareness into the gland you've selected. Clow says we'll be able to feel how this gland affects our endocrine system, bloodstream, etc. Once activated, we'll have access to the higher dimensions of consciousness. It's like Dorothy finally understanding she's had the power to return home all the time.

As with any energy activation, our physical and emotional bodies must be able to handle the upgrade, so self-care is crucial. Resting, drinking lots of pure water, grounding and yoga are additional practices that move energy, enabling us to enhance, develop and direct the flow.

Biomimicry can serve us well in this process. By asking, "What would Nature do?" we become eco-lutionaries, moving towards resolution of "eco-nomic" as well as "eco-logical" issues. Tapping into our cellular/soulular essence, we become green with memory, not envy.

Since we're interdependent, as one strand in the system grows healthier, others will follow. Kirstin Miller, executive director of Ecocity Builders, suggests, "Start thinking like a flower, not like a tailpipe." What an image! By devising ways to pollinate rather than pollute, we may also welcome back the disappearing bee population.

And this kind of cultivation will accelerate our personal and global energy guardianship into warp drive.

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