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Security systems have gone high-tech. Highly advanced digital video recorder security systems can help you safeguard your business in ...

Security systems have gone high-tech. Highly advanced digital video recorder security systems can help you safeguard your business in many ways. With DVR surveillance, you can guard against theft, keep an eye on the store when you can't physically be there and monitor the behavior of shoppers and employees both inside and outside the retail environment.  When selecting a DVR security system, consider the following:  

1. What type of DVR surveillance your business needs. 

2. How many DVR security cameras you would like to set up and where. 
3. How much you are willing to spend on a digital video recorder security system. 

4. What special features you might need in DVR surveillance cameras.  

Determine the right DVR security system for your business

DVR security systems are available in PC-based and hardware-based models. PC-based DVR security systems can be installed on your computer and include video capture cards and software. PC-based systems can accommodate four, eight, 12, 16 or 32 cameras and can hold approximately 30 days worth of video surveillance with a four-camera DVR security system. Hardware-based DVR surveillance systems are designed for the sole purpose of recording video and can handle a maximum of four cameras. They are usually harder to program than PC-based systems.

Bring in a DVR security system expert

If you're new to the DVR security game, seek the advice of skilled professionals. DVR security consultants can help you determine which type of DVR surveillance system is best, the number of cameras you'll need, where to set them up for maximum effectiveness and how to monitor them.

Only buy the digital video recorder security camera features you need

Unless your business needs a digital video recorder security system with an all-inclusive feature set, steer clear of DVR security systems that include extras that cost more. For most businesses, adequate storage space and clarity are the most important features to consider.

Consider small, portable DVR surveillance devices

If size and mobility is initially what's most important to you, consider buying a small, portable DVR security device, which will enable you to monitor a selected area of your store from any location online. You can always expand your surveillance system as your business or operation grows.
  • When investing in a DVR security system, focus on resolution and the amount of storage space you'll need to archive security camera video rather than on unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • If you are on a tight budget, start with a small digital video recorder security system and expand as needed.
  • The presence of DVR surveillance cameras should help deter both customers and employees from stealing from your business. If you are recording cash registers, you'll need real-time recording capability, which typically bumps up the price of a DVR security system.

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