E-commerce Marketing Checklist: Build Your Digital Empire with These 5 Tips

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Take your E-commerce marketing efforts to a new level with these ideas. Pick digital marketing methods that boast an undeniable ROI.

When it comes to E-commerce marketing, it's all about coming up with the trendiest new idea.

You need to stay ahead of the marketing curve, and entertain your customers with irresistible promotions. If you're not encouraging offer redemption, you should at least be enticing interaction via catchy social campaigns.

Here's an E-commerce marketing checklist that will kicktart your digital effforts.

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1. Interactive Social Campaigns

I'm a huge fan of fill in the blank social campaigns. From a fan's point of view, they are absolutely irresistible. It's an easy way to quickly spike interaction, which ultimately increases brand loyalty. Here are some of my favorite fill-in-the-blank campaigns.

My favorite thing about (Company Name) is __________ .

I think you should start selling ________________ .

The one thing I don't like about (Company Name) is ______________ . 

I'm really impressed with your _______________ . 

These fill in the blanks allow for idea generation, positive encouragement, and constructive feedback. All of these will be helpful in growing your E-commerce store.

2. Text to Win Contest

Ninety-nine percent of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less of delivery. Every single E-commerce site should be taking advantage of this statistic. Similar to email marketing, you can fire out a text message whenever you want to promote a product or announce a sale.

With text marketing, make sure your campaigns remain exclusive to the text subscriber. For example, don't post a 10 percent off coupon code on Facebook, and then share this same code via text. This is offer duplication, and devalues your list. Check out these great text marketing campaign ideas for E-commerce sites.

3. Google Remarketing Ads

Make sure your product stays in front of the consumer's face. Here's the deal. The majority of internet shoppers don't instantly purchase. Usually, the decision making process can span out over a few days, or even a few weeks. Why cross your fingers, and hope that a potential buyer returns to your site? Let remarketing ads do the work for you.

Before hopping into remarketng ads, educate yourself on the most effective ad formats. Make sure your ad is clear, branded, and to the point. Don't load it up with a bunch of text, or promote an offer that will soon expire. 

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4. Facebook Ads 

When composing your Facebook ad campaigns, you must know what your priorities are. Want to drive traffic to your website? How about get more likes? Let's say you just want to promote an offer. Either way, Facebook ads are a great solution. 

In addition to Facebook ads, make the most of your organic page interaction. I recently ran across this article online, and it dives deeper into 12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use. In addition to ads, you should check out these tips, and give them a try on your Facebook business page.

5. Complimentary Consultations

This one is more of a wild card, but something that personally brought me extreme success, so figured I'd share. I used to own an online burlesque clothing store, and complimentary consultations alone spiked my traffic and conversion rate. If someone was interested in my product, they simply had to fill out a form, and one of my sizing specialists would reach out with personalized recommendations.

Nine times out of 10, this resulted in a quick sale. It was a valued added benefit of shopping with my company. When a purchasing decision is put on halt, it's usually because the shopper can't quite make up his or her mind. With a product consultation, you can slowly nudge consumers in the right direction. 

As a General Rule, Make Sure Your E-Commerce Marketing Efforts Follow These Basic Guidelines

1. Avoid offer duplication

Do you want all platforms to be cohesive? Yes. On the same end, don't duplicate offers across platforms. Treat each list of contacts like an exclusive community. This helps you increase open rates in the short term, and cultivate brand loyalty over a longer period of time. 

2. Make sure your promotions are relevant to the user

Let's say your average order total is $85. Don't send out a promo that pushes $25 of an order of $150 or more. That order total could very well be out of the customer's reach, and will result in low redemption.

3. Don't spend more than you have to

When it comes to digital marketing, I'm cheap. Like, insanely cheap. For example, I will pause a Facebook ad campaign if my cost per interaction is higher than 30 cents. When it comes to your ad spend and ROI, hold yourself to a higher standard. Don't throw money at average performing methods "just because."

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4. Create a sense of urgency

Every single offer should have a set expiration. You want customers jumping at the chance to redeem. In my personal experience, one day only offers work the best with E-commerce companies. 

There are tons more where that came from; considering I'm a digital marketing junkie. But, that should be a healthy start. Check back soon for more advanced E-commerce marketing tips. 


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