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Unlike the "old" days when employees oftentimes wound up spending several decades with a company, many of today's employees come and...


Unlike the "old" days when employees oftentimes wound up spending several decades with a company, many of today's employees come and go for a variety of reasons.

Whether it is seeking to find a better career fit, not hiring the right people in the first place, layoffs due to attrition, etc. more and more companies find themselves with revolving doors regarding their workers.

One constant, however, is the need and desire that many employers have in offering continuing education to their current employees, be it in online IT training or other disciplines.

By offering continuing education to employees, employers stand to benefit in several ways. Among them are:

- Attracting a better pool of potential hires who are excited about the chance to continue their studies while under your employment; - Increasing the wherewithal of your present staff by educating them on the latest news and trends involving their specialty; - Giving your company more recognition in your specific industry as a leader, looking to educate its employees constantly so that they provide a better product for your customers.

If your small business is looking to offer/provide continuing education opportunities to its employees, take a few minutes to review exactly what is needed.

One of the most important things is to establish what kinds of education and what amounts of reimbursement you will offer. Given that the reimbursements will impact your bottom line financially, it is important that you get with your financial department ahead of time to see what is and isn't feasible for your small business when it comes to reimbursing employees for college costs.

In the event your company does not financially reimburse employees for their studies, yet wants to support them, there are other means by which to do just that.

One thing your business can do is offer those employees who are continuing their educations the option of working different shifts to accommodate their class studies. By doing so, you show the employee that you as a business owner value their education, leading them to likely be more productive and loyal.

If you are interested in or are just setting up continuing education at your company for the first time, take the time to research the various options out there. Find out what kinds of programs other companies similar to your business are offering, along with seeing how much they cost and what kind of results they have yielded.

With the national unemployment rate still sitting around 9 percent, there are plenty of workers out there for those small businesses looking to hire.

The task becomes locating the right ones, then providing them with continued opportunities to succeed by educating them and allowing them to stick with you for a long time to come.

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