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Effective Selling Begins With You- Customers Will Follow

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

A few weeks back I debunked several small business myths. In one of those articles, If I Build It They Will Come I took on the notion that well-conceived innovation will attract paying customers. I've been thinking more about that one and there's a bit more I'd like to add.

You've always been told that in business your purpose is to fulfill the wants and needs of the folks who buy from you. Now imagine this- focus your attention on what YOU want to offer and what you are best equipped to offer, THEN seek the buyers.

OK you think I've lost my mind but consider this- driven by the need to fulfill the wants and needs of others, you're eroding your sales edge. That's right, with them as your focus you intentionally modify that which you want to do, that which you do best. I hear you, "if I don't appease my buyers I'll fail." You are absolutely correct and if you give them sub-standard goods and services you'll be no better off.

I'm speaking of a shift in your attitude not a sea change in the tenets of the business world. The impetus remains the same- serve the wants and needs of your buyers. The twist is that you know best which wants and needs you are best equipped to serve.

Know What You Have To Offer

What is it that you want to sell? Are you great at making it or providing it? Can you hone your product or skill? The bottom line is you need to know what you want to sell and what you are capable of offering. Once you figure that out it's time to go find some buyers.

Assume Some Things

Whatever it is you have to sell you can assume there are folks out there who want and need it. You know what they say about assumptions but old clichés aside, this is an assumption you can take to the bank.

Get To Know Your Customers

You know what you're selling and you know who the prospective buyers are. If you're selling a high-end carving utensil you're going to go after busy chefs in high-end establishments. Once you know who you're looking for learn as much about them as you can. The more you know about them the better equipped you are to sell to them.

None of this stuff is new and it sure isn't rocket science but if you have found that your get up and go has got up and left this little change in attitude just might be what the doctor ordered.

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Ed Drozda
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